On Feburary 11, from the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region evolution of high quality of new material industry appears a meeting press conference to learn, during 945 ” of “ , domain of focal point of new material of whole area focusing, breed make coal radical olefin the industry of 7 advantages characteristic such as data of industry of amination of downstream material, high-powered fiber and composite material, cyanogen catenary, compose builds one nucleus of “ industry of new material of 5 groups of ” grows new structure, the ” of large base of ”“ of “ big plant that makes whole area construction material of chemical new profile hard. Complete Ou Zhengning the heart gets together force makes group of industry of new material of Ning Dong chemical industry, characteristic of stone mouth hill, Wu Zhong, halfback, Ning Dong turns group of industry data industry subtly. Will enlarging kongfu of policy benefit fluctuation next, highlight bibcock to drive, execute specialization cooperation of division of labor, increase capacity of form a complete set. Give aid to in chain of every characteristic industry 1 reach 2 advocate line of business is prominent, drive a gender strong bibcock company, attract the assemble of medium and small businesses that industrial catenary swims up and down, be in harmony of the implementation in driving big medium and small businesses to develop in new material industry understands development. Carry out company of company of estate of go to work of new material compasses, new and high technology, “ only “ of enterprise of new ” of spy of essence of life 3 times add ” to plan, cultivated industry of litre of compasses put in storage 2022 company of 20 the home, new and high technologies achieves 100 the home, “ only new ” of spy of essence of life and small giant company achieve 10 above, let more and high grade enterprise lead new material industry to run an acceleration. Whole area still will strengthen industrial whole plan, the catenary of scale industry catenary, technology catenary, supply and demand, catenary that enrol business pursues 4 pieces chart, build industrial catenary to advance working mechanism in coordination, begin industrial catenary essence to enrol business definitely, form “ be born a project, draw the linkage effect of ” of a batch of enterprises. Encourage an enterprise to apply new technology, new technology, new facility to accelerate technical reformation, carry out energetically energy-saving fall carbon is transformed, canal of promotion business specific power consumption controls a standard, the impression that allows development of new material estate is greener. (Li Gong is unripe Wang Wenli)

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City