Conference of central the Political Bureau made systematic deploy to job of economy of second half of the year, the State Council is standing the conference fulfilled the job to make specific arrangement to carrying out, clear continuance carries out a batch today bright the level sex policy that expires two years, emphasize strengthening go against cycle adjustment and policy reserve research, camera publishs new policy move. The country develops innovation appoint will fulfil good the Party Central Committee, the State Council with concerned side to the letter decision-making deploy, insist to advance steadily working total fundamental key, trustworthy growth is put in more prominent place, essence of life is accurate strong carry out macroscopical adjusting control, exert oneself expands inside need, carry brace up confidence, be on guard risk, the organization carries out the continuance job of policy of good phase sex, continuously plan studies a batch of specific aim are stronger, the reserve policy with older strength, come on stage in time group by group according to phasic change carry out. Basically include 6 fields. It is to enlarge domestic demand activelyHad implemented the series policy that restore and enlarges consumption, a large amount of consumption such as stimulative car, arouse folk to invest vigor energetically, accelerate advance 945 ” of “ to plan society of economy of etc of 102 major projects develops major project. Construction of project of infrastructure of transportation of continuance executive support, promote the level sex policy such as two handcart consumption. In the meantime, mix in tigidity of better contented dweller perfective enlarge the respect such as significant investment housing demand, actively to strengthen policy reserve, release ceaselessly exceed wholesale market potential. 2 it is to do make actor substance economy by forceIncrease default an enterprise especially of money of Zhang of medium and small businesses clear strength, aggrandizement is mixed to small small company individual and industrial and commercial door support of money taxes be in harmony. Accelerate traditional industry to transform upgrade, breed expand strategical burgeoning industry, plan and layout industry of a batch of future. Continuance carries out support tired development of Shu of small small management principal part, drive industrial structural adjustment to optimize the level sex policy that waits for a respect. In the meantime, accelerating enterprise of changeover of new old kinetic energy, help to decrease the domain such as negative synergism to strengthen policy reserve, drive hypostatic economy to turn structure of means, attune, add kinetic energy. 3 it is to promote high level science and technology free-standing self-improvementForce of science and technology of aggrandizement country strategy, strengthen innovation ability construction, business of play science and technology mainstay leads the action that prop up, organize more to the industry takes the lead and participate in crucial core technology to tackle key problem, drive confluence of deepness of catenary of qualified personnel of chain of capital of catenary of innovation chain industry. Continuance is carried out optimize business poineering investment climate, support to break through “ to block neck ” problem to wait for level sex policy. In the meantime, enhancing catenary of industry of ability of innovation of industry science and technology, promotion to supply the respect such as catenary tenacity and safe level to strengthen policy to lay in further, ceaseless tamp industry expands a base. 4 it is to deepen reforming and opening continuouslyFocusing “ pulls one hair and move the key domain of systemic ” and crucial link, increase strength of reform assault fortified positions, accelerate state-owned economy layout to optimize with structural adjustment, promote progress of civilian battalion economy to expand, enlarge a system steadily model open, greater strength is attracted and use foreign capital, drive build “ to be taken in all all the way ” high quality develops. Continuance is carried out deepen state-owned enterprise or business unit reform, support weighs large foreign trade to extend the level sex policy such as the meeting. In the meantime, enhancing construction of battalion business environment, effort stable foreign trade is basic dish wait for a respect to strengthen policy reserve, stimulate vigor of of all kinds management main body, motivation and creativity continuously. 5 it is cogent safeguard improves the people's livelihoodThrust augmentation does the work of key group obtain employment such as good college graduate, accelerate fill neat provide for the aged, ask the public service such as Yo, education, medical treatment field supply is short board, net of pitch social security, aggrandizement safe production is superintended and take precautions against natural calamities decreases calamity to provide disaster relief. Continuance carries out stimulative dweller obtain employment to add close, aggrandizement is urban and rural the dweller is communal the level sex policy such as service safeguard. In the meantime, income group dimensions waits in expand, drive the respect such as key group obtain employment to strengthen policy reserve, solve anxious of good masses misfortune to expect a problem. 6 it is to be on guard dissolve key domain ventureSystematic plan, essence uses strategy definitely, reliable deal with dissolve the domain risk hidden danger such as debt of estate, place, finance, promote safety of natural resources of commissariat, energy to ensure ability energetically. “ of continuance executive support protects job of the ” that reach a floor, help to deal with the level sex policy such as bad assets. In the meantime, in be on guard dissolve the respect such as challenge of risk of ministry of inside and outside to strengthen policy to lay in, firmly guards the bottom line that does not produce systematization risk.

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15-18 December

New York City