If drinking water is polluted by double phenolic A, people may have method to undertake was handlinged quickly. Recently, a new technology says, can be in in 30 minutes in purify water the double phenolic A of 99% . Relevant achievement was published recently at " green is chemical " periodical. Double phenolic A is a kind of industrial chemicals, use extensively at producing plastic product. It also is a kind of micropollutant, even if dose is very small also can affect human body health. Have animal experiment discovery, double phenolic A can damage system of neurological, reproduction, thyroid gland to wait, increase cancer risk possibly still. And, researcher is in soil, deposit, mud, air, this kind of contaminant all discovered in drinking water even. The United States Carnegie - the Terrence Collins of Mellon university and the research that its work in the same placing passes 15 years discovered a kind simple and the double phenolic A in water of cheap new method purify. Cent of this new technology is two measure, first, researcher joins a kind of activator that calls TAML in the water of pollution of Xiang Shoushuang phenolic A, had joined oxidation hydrogen subsequently. The double phenolic A that these two kinds of material can make water medium condenses quickly into oligomer of hurtless conglomeration —— , can be filtered very easily. Researcher expresses, they are used plant via this the method is treated water education microzyme and zebra fish embryo, the development that concerns with pollution of double phenolic A normally without discovery is unusual. The working principle of TAML is similar enzymatic the action inside human body, can quicken chemical reaction. This kind of technology can go to the lavatory to apply and be popularized. Crossing oxidation hydrogen is chemical industry commonly used material, and activator of a kilogram of TAML can be used at treating tens of thousands of tons of water. We solved “ a value the research problem of billions of dollar. Anybody can use this method in any places. ”Collins says. In addition, american shellfish straps the Bryan Brooks of the university to express, what include home of chemist, poisonous a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties and engineer in that way like Collins group is interdisciplinary collaboration is solving problem of this kind of city to go up very necessary.

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