In recent years, our country is opposite equipment of traditional and marine oil gas lasts spade husbandry while, we also all the time do all one can is cultivated and burgeoning marine equipment, obtained positive result of plentiful and substantial, be like the relevant equipment of maritime wind report, include report of float type fan, wind to install a boat / boat of dimension of use of electricity of platform, wind, and the relevant equipment —— that far-reaching sea breeds is large breed platform and bred labour boat to be obtained not the achievement of common. Inside scan widely limits, the equipment research and development in these two domains, build a level to all also be in majority to run, minority gets the state that run. So, these new-style ocean equip, who can become the star of tomorrow again? 1, data center comes to   data center to the sea is industry of established high-energy bad news, and in the electric power cost with annual center of a data, 41% is use at refrigeration, because this is cold,the environment can reduce the charge of electricity in operation expenses considerably. Although data center is OK in highland or construction of frigid zone area, but on one hand data center construction needs to take up on land much land natural resources, cost construction of cost of high specified number to store; On the other hand, because develop littoral,urban data center grows swift and violent, bring about similar resource to contradict to be highlighted particularly. Accordingly, to the data center at tropics and area of partial temperate zone, sink to drop in temperature into sea floor and decorate data center go up in offing, with sea boiler circulation refrigeration drops in temperature, or the solution that will make effective. (  of   of center of 1) marine data in June 2018, microsoft is in the ground of sex of the experiment in water area near Scotland coasting deploy a marine data center. This data center is container style, be designed by naval ships of French for military use and submarine manufacturer Naval Group and build, use as same as submarine cooling technology. Place in underwater the cliff of 35.7 meters of place pledges seabed, be linked together through submarine cable and onshore operation center. This data center has 12 frame, include 864 servers. After sea floor moved 2 years, microsoft salvaged his in June 2020 to disembark undertake an analysis. Evaluate via researcher, its the data center that the function of each respect wants excel tradition, and underwater fault rate is be in 1/8 terrestrial.   of   of center of data of Microsoft sea floor in January 2021, our country the prototype of marine data center that finish checks, published corresponding test data: PUE value can be amounted to 1.076, reach advanced data center can effect level. Prototype of this data center combines wide boat international to make by Hai Lanxin, of the pipeline design that wide boat international is in charge of cooling system and pipeline and cylinder form can without lid build. Prototype is 5.76 meters long, straight (outside) diameter 3.05 meters cylinder structure, contain inside cabin 4 machine ark, 35KW of stand-alone ark power, moved about 40 days in sea floor.   of   of setting of deploy of center of the data end sea Lan Xinhai (the data center ” that Gu Ge of   of maritime data center was in 2) to applied for “ to be based on surface 2009. According to the description, this data center is based on configuration the dynamo that ocean can use, and 1 drop in temperature to 2 seawater system. According to coverage of media of American science and technology, gu Ge may is in California this maritime data center is built on a coastal barge, but have not build actually up to now. Doubt is like Gu Ge   of   of maritime data center in January 2021, auspicious treasure group announces, outside Ji Baoan with maritime will exit platform of maritime artesian well to build business thoroughly, change centre of gravity to infrastructure project and ocean but second birth the sources of energy. Auspicious treasure group already at the concept of maritime data center was being released in year 2019, and with began to develop associated survey and test in April 2020, use Australian content to shed company pictures to get accuse the test that content sheds base to carry out maritime data center. Center of will maritime data installs future of auspicious treasure plan to go up in the floor sills that is similar to artesian well platform, make full use of the rich skill experience that design of content of maritime and large construction creates a field. 2, marine space resource uses equipment     (1) LNG generating ship / systematic     2009, karadeniz of Turkey energy group built a generating ship with respect to investment, established Karpowership of firm of generating ship operation. Since 2010, karpowership already owned 25 generating ship, total installed capacity exceeds 4100 million to cover with tiles. In additionally the generating ship with 4400 made of baked clay million is being built. These boats use double fuel motor for the most part, usable barge stores the heavy oil that reachs bank radical to carry and natural gas generate electricity, basically use at the electric power such as Africa and Cuba, middle east and Asia to supply devoid area. As environmental protection the requirement fathers increasingly exacting, karpowership also begins to consider to use more the LNG of environmental protection replaces tall pollution to discharge fuel as fuel. August 2019, together Japanese merchantman Mitsui is collective generating ship of LNG of research and development, main way is offerred to be generating ship through a LNG-FSRU again the LNG of aerification. In January 2021, the 240MW float type that Hui Shenghai is versed in investment is developed lights project of power station of machine combination loop in its successful go into operation builds Nantong base, this float type generates electricity the project also is by a LNG-FSRU+ natural gas generates electricity barge composition. Besides, still one kind enrages LNG masked buy + natural gas generates electricity device confluence equips in the LNG generating ship that board, call float type again aerification generating ship (Floating Storageand Re-gasification Power Plant, FSRP) , also got study extensively and applied. In October 2014, FSRP“Hummel” date is used in investment of German hamburger harbor, offer electric power to supply to rely on harbor shipping. 2017, samSung weighed labour to roll out 500MW class FSRP, use SEP-T500GC design, compositive generate electricity circularly jointly the system of establishment, LNG goods palisade that is based on film of GTT Mark III technology and enrage masked buy again. 2018, limited company of Hui Shenghai modern engineering announces its are new what the 300 million of research and development cover with tiles FSRP obtains British Lloyd's Register of Shipping to issue is principle approve letter. (20 centuries of   of   of emissive platform of rocket of 2) float type 90 time, the maritime emissive company that establishs by the country such as the United States, Wukelan, Russia and Norway, use Odyssey movable type maritime emissive platform, can undertake emissive in any places of equatorial water area, ground of can big limit develops the ability of carrier rocket, have stronger emissive adaptability and commercial value. In June 2019 second it is emissive platform with civil shipping, in long march of —— of experiment of emissive technology of maritime executive carrier rocket 11 seas shoot carrier rocket to catch technical test satellite wind star of an A, B and 5 commerce satellite send smoothly book orbit. In September 2020, 3” date of “ heart Bo salvaged working ship to carry out long march as maritime emissive platform 11 seas shoot 2 rockets of Yao to blast off, this boat overall length 159.6 meters, large loading capacity 20500 tons, use full electric power to advance, deploy fixed position of DP 1 power. In January 2021, the intermediary outside occupying reports, spaceX bought water of 2 exceeding operational depth to go partly with the unit price of 3.5 million dollar from Valaris company platform of type artesian well, transform its float type rocket to launch platform. SpaceX begins to had made public invite applications for a job from 2020 maritime work station, this company releases a message to express at that time: Building “ a group that forms by engineer and technical personnel, aim to design and build a maritime rocket to launch establishment ” . 3, maritime wind report makes hydrogenous   maritime wind report moves toward far-reaching sea gradually, build cost of transmit electricity facilities taller, and will make hydrogen with electric energy, can use already some natural gas conduit are carried hydric. Because basically use natural gas and coal to make hydrogen currently, drive maritime wind report to make hydrogen can use far-reaching sea wind energy or useless phone effectively not only, abandon report, raise utilization rate of maritime wind energy, still can reduce the cost that make hydrogen, reduce carbon dioxide to discharge. There already is many to begin maritime wind report to make the research of hydrogenous project inside limits. At the beginning of July 2019, the Q13a-A maritime platform of Neptune of Holand energy company is chosen to be a maritime wind report to make hydrogenous experiment nod, project name is PosHYdon, by Dutch much home orgnaization and enterprise are initiated jointly. Project general 2021 before the bottom formal production. In October 2019, the maritime wind report that the Tractebel Engineering below banner of Engie of French energy company and Tractebel Overdick announce to will build a 400MW in Germany formulates hydrogenous platform, platform device can change maritime fan electric power electroanalysis device and transformer, and device of desalt of a seawater electroanalysises with generation what need exceed pure water. In November 2020, enterprize Energy of Singapore energy company and Tractebel Overdick are signed forgive memorandum, add this item formally. In January 2021, xi Menzi the sources of energy and beautiful Sa of Xi Menzi song released maritime wind report to make an innovation solution of hydrogen: Finish electrobath complete works arrives in maritime fan, cooperate with with stand-alone the system produces green hydrogen directly, plan at 2025 or set an example in the round 2026. Home's current project still also is in invite public bidding or phase of experimental test and verify. September 2020, in announcement of invite public bidding of research of the maritime engineering technology that make hydrogen releases sea oil invite public bidding of the maritime project that make hydrogen, the project aims to study design and the technological process that optimize maritime wind report to make hydrogen, raise the attrib border requirement of technology and economic feasibility. Study time limit for a project to came in September 2020 in June 2021. In addition, the maritime project that make hydrogen still has home the “ Qingdao dark open sea of Qingdao blue cereal ” of project of field of demonstrative wind of confluence of windward report of sea of 2 million kilowatt, and Heibei builds the telegram of wind of “ buy source that sends investment of new energy limited company to make hydrogen use demonstrative project ” integratedly. According to carat Ke Sen, what gave priority to with maritime wind report 2020 is maritime but expenditure of capital of second birth energy is 51 billion dollar, the history second exceeded maritime oil gas to develop capital expenditure (41 billion dollar) the portion of about 24% . “ is born because of the sea, promote ” to the sea, came 100000, ocean brings the resource with constant in a steady stream and vitality for the mankind all the time. In afterwards ocean oil gas develops a property later, the ocean that with maritime wind report development gives priority to but property of development of second birth energy rises gradually again. So does data center, LNG generate electricity which can the astral ” that report of equipment, maritime wind controls hydrogenous ……“ the near future be? Everything unfinished to be continued.

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