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New-style high-powered electric car uses mould pressing complex structure batteries

Italdesign and Williams Mu this (WAE) coact, WAE batholith of advanced scroll of compound and electric car and car design professional knowledge photograph to be united in wedlock, make a high-end report motor-car (EV) . This base will allow to make a series of high-end report motor-car, include GT, cross bound car and car. Batholith of scroll of compound and electric car is made by the composite material that can reclaim and aluminium, weight is light, mix for the static state reverse stiffness set new standard. Installation of around batholith structure is on casing of carbon fiber composite material, provided implementation platform full potential place needs turn round stiffness outstandingly, include to transfer collision load the carling below integral type. This platform can accommodate 2900mm the wheelbase to 3100mm, offer rear wheel drive and four-wheel drive overall arrangement. The group of Italdesign can decide patternmaking piece to change platform, wait in order to satisfy the sale requirement of the brand. The core component of EVX can provide the energy of the power of 1000kW and 104kWh-120kWh, have the capacity that changes module design, can enhance the power of core component to 160kWh, apply to twice charge between be as long as the travel space of 1000 Km. Relevant personnel expresses: “ we are very glad to cooperate hand in hand with Italdesign, have this kind of stirring seasonable collaboration. ”The demand of high-powered electric car shows impressive growth continuously, but up to now, still manufacture a solution without complete electric car. One of precede person of the technology of EV scroll batholith with this kind of distinctive will advanced concern and field of automobile body engineering are shirt-sleeve together. ”Relevant personnel expresses: “ we are very glad that acknowledgment cooperates this. Develop experience by right of design of 53 years and project, we concern in the partner medium part will be the scroll chassis that develops WAE advances whole platform, the automobile body style that defines according to the client, building and content have take shape to it. In 50 years of in the past, we accumulated skill and experience in making key item, can satisfy the requirement of international OEM or client of business of burgeoning newly established. ”New platform can support amount to 10, 000 production moves.

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