Resorcinol of not saturated polyester meets synthetic resin association of secretary-general Diji course of study the healthy and abiding development of any industry, it is the requirement that whole industry catenary can stabilize development. Traditional composite material (glass reinforced plastics) healthy and abiding development of the industry, need is built in fibre glass of its upper reaches and colophony of not saturated polyester health of two big industries is abiding over the foundation of development. Fibre glass industry had finished industrial conformity, formed the mark sex industry that has level competition ability, and industry of not saturated colophony, what just just pull open industry reforming is prelusive, next metabolic certainly will also will bring tremendous influence to industry of traditional composite material. As the tremendous change of petrifaction industry situation, industry of not saturated colophony is experiencing historic change, main body is the following now 5 respects. , dimensions is changed. The mainland is not saturated resinous total output is already old of male crouch. Total 2020 output achieves 3.42 million tons, exceed 60% of total output; 2021, although be affected new coronal by pneumonic epidemic situation, be supplied exceeding shortage influence especially by raw material, total output falls 3.15 million tons, but this one dimensions, still be in. structure of market of not saturated colophony is in develop a school of one's own, that enhances kind of product with respect to dispute the market and enhance kind of product have equal shares, that is to say, the gross of not saturated colophony that is used every year at market of traditional composite material is 1.6 million tons about, propped up more than 4.3 million ~ dimensions of 4.6 million tons market of goods of traditional composite material. Industry of not saturated colophony not only gross is tremendous, and productivity of per unit area yield is far also exceed other. Be in with nonlocal area, not saturated colophony produces the majority productivity is in the only plant of the enterprise 30 thousand ~ 60 thousand tons; And in, produce per year 100 thousand tons of dimensions to had made introductory level, the enterprise that produces per year 200 thousand tons of ability increasing make standard scale, and had had the capacity that only plant had 3 domestic companies to produce per year 300 thousand tons. These are gigantic without bully class other production company had advantage of powerful integrated cost competition not only, and the capacity that had independence to support downstream and single market. Productivity of so powerful not saturated colophony, it is traditional composite material produces an enterprise to be able to carry on project of large capital construction and future are large-scale the ground that shares international market competition enrages a place. Need is special those who point out is, no matter be opposite,travel together at abroad, opposite still the fibre glass at upper reaches and industry of not saturated colophony, at present the only plant dimensions of industry of traditional composite material slants generally still small, industry slants medicinal powder, lack many year of turnover more than 1 billion yuan even goods of 2 billion yuan large composite material produces a business, if things go on like this of this kind of circumstance, developing to industry of traditional composite material is very adverse. The 2nd, area is changed. At present the development of industry of not saturated colophony gets the influence of two big factors: One is the layout of petrifaction industry, another is the canal that carries to dangerous chemical accuses. Former what provided raw material field for development of not saturated resinous is strong prop up, and the cost that latter raised line-haul substantially. For quite a long time, jiangsu province is not saturated colophony is produced can output the ground exclusively, because the Yangtse River is an Asia all the time downstream,this basically is chemical industry is tasted carry the distribution centre with commerce, of raw material get go to the lavatory quite relatively. And, jiangsu province is located in the intermediate region of situation, traffic is convenient, traffic condition is convenience, the distance that carries from north and south is about the same. And some closer year come, as built 10 large petrifaction to produce base jointly, go to Guangdong from northeast, already more and more province had dimensions to change the condition that offers fundamental petrochemical, make the cost that on the spot produces lower and lower. Especially Shandong, Fujian and Guangdong area, had become petrifaction industry catenary to develop the area that has advantage requirement. Below such circumstance, the company of production of not saturated colophony that Jiangsu saves sells the cost competition ability of the product to face grimmer and grimmer challenge through line-haul. Centralized area is compared in downstream industry, build not saturated colophony to produce an enterprise to rise abruptly quickly, enclothe circumjacent carriage radius quickly to be in 500 kilometers of 350 ~ the region of section of the market of limits, for this area tradition the development of composite material enterprise offerred more convenience condition. Area of not saturated resinous changes the on the spot of production and enterprise of traditional composite material to purchase, become whole industry catenary to develop the new feature of mode gradually.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Shandong new material limited company is located in Kaiweier garden of industry of Qi Lu chemistry of city of rich of Zi of province of Shandong of —— of area of garden of class chemical industry, it is the plant of not saturated colophony with monomer big productivity, produce can amount to 400 thousand tons, manufacturing process all is controlled by the computer, realized complete liquid to cast makings. The 3rd, automation. Nearly 10 years since, the change even if realized manufacturing process in the round automation foundation with remarkable industry of not saturated colophony is transformed, DCS has become all not saturated colophony to produce the mark of the enterprise to distribute a system. Of automation level rise, reduced manufacturing staff greatly not only, reduced labor intensity, rose to answer the reaction ability that breaks out safe accident, and significant also be valuable respect, providing the technical measure of stable product quality at producing a business for not saturated colophony, product batch stability rises generally substantially, for company of production of goods of traditional composite material large-scale use mechanization and automation produced equipment to provide strong support. The 4th, standardization. Industry of products of traditional composite material is in the development process that goes a few years, an apparent blemish lacks the technical standard with complete goods namely, especially industry of not saturated colophony, in the applied domain of great majority, standard of product of not saturated resinous is blank, caused the tremendous disorder of the market from this, cause downstream trade especially generation of business of industry of traditional composite material is tremendous and bemused, choosing material and design product side to bring tremendous difficulty to them. Current, this kind of circumstance is getting ameliorative, the technical standard of products of large quantities of one not saturated colophony related to function of goods of traditional composite material is being made in, from cross ketone of oxidation armour second to arrive to twine colophony of conduit colophony, board of cold storage car, mechanism continuously successive plank colophony arrives pull pester those who braid colophony of electric power conduit to wait for the place of composite material goods with market at present greater yield to use breed of not saturated colophony, what be worth to be carried especially is, made " colophony of not saturated polyester is banned use and be restricted to use level of corporeal set limit to " , second bring into healthy level product standard system, for prospective government large-scale punish is certain try to gain of poisonous and harmful dissolvent is added inside product of not saturated colophony of illicit sudden huge profits malfeasant offerred decide according to. The 5th, standardization. Safe production, environmental protection and lawfully pay taxes is industry of not saturated colophony 3 old normative standard. Will tell from whole industry catenary, these 3 are the normative criterion of industry of traditional composite material as much. As new edition " law of republican safe production " carry out, produce from its to the superintendency of dangerous chemical, store, carry and run a field outspread arrived to use a field, the manufacturing company that asks chemical regards all use danger as raw material must build the dangerous chemical data that uses with place the storage facilities of safe grade conform to. This asks, the “ that becoming goods of composite material of great majority tradition to produce a business at present blocks neck ” project, and those who make a person regretful is, most relevant enterprise did not cause enough attention, wait-and-see person much, actor is little. Never in light of the experience of saturated colophony industry, this one safety stipulates the influence to the enterprise is more than environmental protection to ask far, enough becomes the killer mace that industry of prospective convention composite material shuffles thoroughly, a large number of unqualified enterprises will be fallen into disuse to go out bureau. The enterprise can make the best of time related the hope, strive for active, act at an early date, build raw material to store according to relevant requirement establishment, seek fine solution. Current, the environmental protection pressure that industry of traditional composite material faces basically is to originate the processing that pollutes to VOC, and this is as direct as not saturated colophony also relevant. The technical program of processing is varied, depend on the specific requirement of branch of local environmental protection and discharge a standard. Besides processing of the platoon outside sucking wind, still can use low styrene to volatilize not saturated colophony, from go up at all reduce styrene discharge, reduce the VOC discharge capacity in producing an environment, reduce the pressure that environmental protection treats thereby. Current, industry of traditional composite material volatilizes to low styrene understanding of colophony both neither, also do not understand. So called understanding is not to know to have such product, because price of this kind of resinous compares traditional colophony,paying no attention to solution is slightly tall, accordingly, think to be able to raise company cost. Colophony of not saturated polyester is by polyester colophony and styrene cross-linking monomer two parts are comprised, this two parts are resinous organic composition, its scale is calculated through science and come, lack which one part, to composite material the quality of goods can produce adverse effect. In environment of 25 ℃ calm, successive below 24 hours of conditions that open wide quiet place, the styrene inside not saturated colophony volatilizes the quantity can be as high as 30% above, and low styrene volatilizes colophony can reduce the styrene of 90% to volatilize below static circumstance quantity, the styrene that 50% above also can reduce below most dynamic circumstance volatilizes quantity, colophony price slightly a few more expensive, but styrene volatilizes little, be equal to is resinous active ingredient is withheld, be equivalent to colophony much, calculate fine Zhang to come down, can not raise the cost of composite material goods. Revenue issue also is the disease of a dense in catenary of industry of not saturated colophony, in partial convention industry of composite material products still comparatives serious. As golden duty 4 period on line and came on stage in the light of evade taxes evade taxation a series of strengthen superintendency measure, taxation risk has become the deadly risk with production of certain not saturated colophony and distribute potential business. In this respect, concerned enterprise must cause height to take seriously, will pay heavy price otherwise. Free path is like impregnable pass really iron, take a step to be jumped over from the beginning now. industry of not saturated colophony is experiencing a historic turn and decay, in regarding cost of product of traditional composite material as the system, occupy than large part, the transitional certainly will of industry of not saturated colophony also will affect trade of downstream traditional composite material. Swim to develop in coordination up and down only, ability builds the industrial system of a health quite, come true thereby can last the purpose of excellent progress.

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