The development of   of 01 projects setting as marine economy, more and more concrete build content to appear in maritime, cross dock of Hai Daqiao, harbour to wait a moment for instance, these permanent or half permanent ferroconcrete builds an object the amount is larger and larger, defend grade asks taller and taller. From this kind build thing at sufferring mist of sea leach bubble, dry wet alternant, solar insolate, coastal salt, Hai Shengsheng for a long time content reachs damp airy to corrode, if dock concrete does not try to protect be corroded very easily, carbonization, bring about its service life to be reduced greatly thereby. Choose appropriate preservative coating, design reasonable preservative coating, to prolonging the service life of harbour dock it is a kind of active and effective method, also be current till sexual price delays birthday method than defending high. Concrete defends coating wants to solve a few big problems, it is priming paint should have good tall infiltration gender, damp solidify sex and to chloric ion former a cross-linking solidify function, can add chloric ion of exert oneself, finishing and Gao Kang high to permeate function with be being offerred for whole coating; 2 it is coating should have rupture goodly percentage elongation, weigh interstitial tracing ability again, make in case when concrete happening micro-crack, coating still can have favorable screen effect; 3 it is watch wet area (billow splashs an area to reach the following) should have exceedingly good impervious anticorrosive increase function and fight carbonization function, the watch works an area besides anticorrosive and fight carbonization to have even be able to bear or endure admirably await function     concrete of project of harbour of   of 02 technologies characteristic defends series coating is the system of coating form a complete set that group of marine function data is aimed at concrete of dock of ocean environment haven technically to build content research and development. Coating includes to express wet area of dry area and watch two large position. This series product has completely own intellectual property, in coastal haven, dock, crossed the place such as Hai Daqiao to undertake large-scale applying, defend effectively to promoting concrete to build thing life, the long-term safety that ensures foundation of our country coastal capital construction equips enlists in army have great sense. Use high adherent power flexible modified resin and amine of close water acyl are base makings, add small accept compound material of 2 dimension construction is aggregate, advanced to mark international congener product, the difficult problem that chloric ion of solidify of the moisture in solving construction process successfully, tall infiltration, high adherent power, Gao Kang permeates, make of concrete defend layer ply rises from a few micron to a few millimeter, make concrete has exceedingly good impervious then anticorrosive enhance function and good interstitial tracing ability. Use annulus oxygen beforehand solidify is flexible technology, what realize annulus oxygen successfully is flexible change, tracing ability of break of annulus oxygen system is as high as 0.6mm, complementary small accept of dimension construction material is compound lasting effect is anticorrosive oxygen of technology, annulus is able to bear or endure yellow change technology, solve interstitial tracing ability, Gao Kang successfully chloric ion is osmotic and be able to bear or endure yellow the difficult problem that change. The watch does area facing to be able to prevent retaining ring condition and demand of fixed number of year according to differring, carbon of acrylic acid of agile form a complete set, polyurethane, fluorine, get together the different system such as silicon oxygen alkyl, compare in order to obtain tall sex price. The product is already medium try enlarge to produce and the industrialization application case of square of know exactly about sth. Manufacturing technology and craft of product of common and preservative coating agree basically, need not add additional facility or product line. Product function relatively market product raises 30%-80% , the price and market product keep balance basically, have very high gender price to compare. ” of mad demon of capital construction of so-called “ of   of of 03 market condition, according to statistical churchyard gross of existing and contemporary bridge exceeds 1 million, 90 exceed in before 100 Gao Qiao that 21 centuries mankind builds, still be in growth. Haven dock respect, have productivity dock berth at present 30 thousand much, among them berth of 10 thousand tons of above 2300 many. No matter be to cross Hai Daqiao or haven dock, as the growth that puts an amount, big to building bridge and dock have compatriots more and more experience. But had built cross Hai Daqiao and dock uphold requirement increasingly grow in quantity, market prospect is capacious. A lot of projects build time signal to say hundred years, had gone nearly 20 years up to now, all sorts of questions are very much, need systematic care and maintenance, defend in coating the respect also needs to undertake optimizing according to the characteristic of spot construction, for instance outstanding and wash-and-wear technology, low finishing technology, thick film is changed etc. But existing market product satisfies harsh spot environment and lasting effect to defend hard demand. This series product is based on afore-mentioned characteristics, from molecular structure design and crucial material proceed with of own complex level, those who realized material is high quality can accuse independently, and commercialize cost and market to have a product to comparative, great the sexual price that raised a product is compared, have very good economy and social beneficial result. Wang Liping of controller of group of   of 04 projects group, controller of group of marine function data, researcher, doctoral student adviser, new material of ocean of Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of applied technology key laboratory, gainer of fund of prominent young person, selected project of 1 billion talents is awarded “ to have honorary title of ” of expert of the youth in outstanding contribution. The theory that pursues Yanshou of much way of injury of much element of the material below extreme environment, surface designing all the time and project application study. Accredit invents 45, publication Chinese monograph 2, publish SCI paper 150. Obtain a technology to invent second-class award (rank the 1st) , award of innovation try to be the first, good design silver-colored award, award of young science and technology and youth 54 medal. Xue Qun of place of stuff of peaceful wave of academy of sciences base academician and group of Wang Liping's researcher are home be engaged in ocean defending one of main groups of data basic research and application. Rely on new material of ocean of Yu Zhongke courtyard and applied technology key laboratory, the Chinese Academy of Sciences coulds there be academician of Xue Qun radical, king establishs a material institute the group of scientific research of 100 more than person that ” of 100 people plan forms “ of plan of Ping Jieqing, 10 thousand people, Chinese Academy of Sciences, corrode material of environment of scathing invalidation, deep-sea extreme to injure blemish of biology of environment of invalidation, seawater in the light of ocean environment material problem of invalidation of injury of material of 3 kinds of typical and marine projects, developed a variety of new-style ocean to defend material and technology. The group assumed marine and anticorrosive domain early or late material of equipment of marine engineering of 973 projects “ is corroded with defend system of ship of ocean of “ of priority discipline of foundation of plan of research and development of ” of crucial technology basic research, key, science expresses interfacial design and copy to give birth to ” of the mechanism that decrease block, science and technology to support plan, family project of labor bureau form a complete set, research achievement applies at equipment of establishment of reef of equipment of marine project, national defence, island and safeguard to wait in great quantities. The group combined an academy to establish center of engineering of confluence of the army and the people of advanced function stuff in peaceful wave new material, press the industrialization application of relevant research achievement with all one's strength. At present the group is in extreme environment electrochemistry - mechanical / high temperature enlists in army high temperature is coupling injury, high mist of wet tall salt deep-sea and anticorrosive system and major project application, complex environment grows ocean environment effect compression is anticorrosive material enlists in army behavior and forecast, environment of polar ultralow temperature defends material enlists in army behavior, in accredit of domain of relevant new material the invention exceeds 50, have the honor to win a technology to invent second-class award and first prize of class of multinomial province ministry, obtain among them corrode with Gao Guhou with the picket of ocean environment steel tube that defends institutional technology invents first prize film defends coating already won wide application; The modified of black lead Xi of research and development weighs preservative coating to be achieved for “ by appraisal international is banner horizontal ” , have the honor to win silver-colored award of ” of “ good design, tower of sea transmit electricity, large ocean wave is crossed high to send report of n stage, nucleus, one tape in 380 meters all the way the key facilities equipment such as Gao Tie obtains revolutionary applying, the lasting effect in solving spaceflight of Nanhai DJ, seaside successfully to launch the major project such as field is anticorrosive difficult problem, gained remarkable economic benefits and social benefit.

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