On March 1, yangzhou of institute of Shenyang aircraft design innovates in coordination the academy pulls Inc. of material of hand Jiangsu Xin Yangxin formally, both sides builds cooperation aircraft of “ new idea to combine ” of fast trial-produce center in all, drive achievement of scientific research of courtyard of Shenyang place Yangzhou to be changed in raise be born. Aviation industry is Yangzhou key development is strategical burgeoning industry, industrial chain content of long, science and technology is high, drive effect strong. Through in recent years foster development, it is certain that Yangzhou already designed the domain such as form a complete set of research and development, airborne system, general aviation, component to form in the plane at present industrial basis, emerge reveal business of a batch of bibcock. This courtyard of Shenyang place Yangzhou pulls a hand the aircraft of “ new idea that new Yang Xincai expects collaboration is built in all combines ” of fast trial-produce center, aim to aid promote construction of aviation powerful nation and innovation of national defence science and technology, prototype of aircraft of implementation new idea is fast research and development and technical iteration. Future, both sides general in new idea aircraft new-style structure design, production technology tackles key problem, the respect such as fast and archetypal implementation spreads out collaboration, advance new idea aircraft jointly fast trial-produce technology develops. Institute of Shenyang aircraft design serves as new establish early plane to design an institute, the overall design that basically pursues battleplan and research work, scientific research actual strength is abundant. 2019, courtyard of Shenyang place Yangzhou is formal settle Yangzhou city, the platform of high-end innovation research and development that introduces as Yangzhou city key, courtyard of Shenyang place Yangzhou relies on oneself resource advantage, in aviation technology achievement of innovation, science and technology is changed, the domain such as industrialization of advanced manufacturing industry and Yangzhou city begin thorough collaboration. Yangzhou of institute of Shenyang aircraft design innovates in coordination academy president Lin Peng expresses: The plane of “ tradition is designed and make general and respective independence, turn again after the design for production. The hope relies on this center, break design and make the camp between and dividing line, make plane research and development periodic shorten considerably to original 70% it is even 50% . ”Reach cooperative agreement as Yangzhou town home and courtyard of Shenyang place Yangzhou control modelling company, new raise new material is confluence of the army and the people enterprise of 100 strong focal points, had assumed model of more than 120 key to develop the mission, in home composite material domain has aerospace to know higher the name is spent. This project is after raise settle, will drive industry of Yangzhou city aviation to form the industrial innovation system that makes unifinication to the design from research and development, promote aviation industry core competition ability. Li Jun of president of Inc. of new material of Jiangsu new raise introduces, the company before this has participated in the airframe of the unmanned aircraft such as ” of “ pterodactyl Ⅱ to make, but systematic general assembly is undertaken by cooperative unit all the time, after this platform holds water, company future will realize “ rectify a mechanism to build without man-machine ” .

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