On July 12, crystal clear of banner company of industrial coating colophony is new (Allnex) , announce to join Thailand banner of limited company of oil of Thailand of petro-chemical tycoon —— leaves chemical limited company (abbreviation “PTTGC” ) . It is reported, zhan Xin's selling is in after obtaining superintendency branch to approve, predict 2021 the fourth quarter is finished. At present Zhanxin maintains paddle one's own canoe operation, company name keeps changeless, existing business and personnel are maintained changeless.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Occupy net of coating of China and foreign countries to understand, this already Zhan Xin the 3rd “ is easy advocate ” , early but limited company of technology of surface of special type of UCB of restrospect to Belgium, american cyanogen bought business of UCB surface activator with 1.8 billion dollar especially in March 2005, zhan Xincheng is the unit of coating colophony business of cyanogen spy company, established the position of supplier of coating colophony mainstream. It is the 2nd, 2013 Zhan Xin is installed by the United States firm of grand international capital (Advent) buy with 1.15 billion dollar. In July 2021, zhan Xin the 3rd “ is easy advocate ” , announce to join Thailand banner of limited company of oil of Thailand of petro-chemical tycoon —— leaves chemical limited company. Zhan Xin is banner coating colophony supplier, headquarters is located in German Frankfurt, the product applies extensively at building coating, industry paint, defend coating, car coating and special coating and printing ink. September 2016, crystal clear new group is finished with 1.05 billion dollar buy group of Niu Peisi industry, formed big coating colophony to produce business from this. Regard big industrial coating colophony as the company, the client that Zhan Xin serves spreads all over 4 continent, more than 100. Zhan Xin expresses, after joining PTTGC, can obtain more to invest an opportunity not only, realize the farther dilate in rising market, in the meantime, zhan Xin's existing operation actual strength also help PTTGC, as strategical long-term investment square, enlarge the force of Asia-Pacific area. Depend on banner green innovation technology mix and network of research and development, PTTGC of crystal clear new support innovates to environmental protection and the acceptance of the advanced technique. Zhanxin and PTTGC will answer the challenge that the market can grow continuously jointly. PTTGC regards Thailand as group of petro-chemical tycoon PTT (Thailand oil limited company) subordinate and chemical limited company, headquarters is located in Thailand, the company offers the chemical product of high quality for the client. PPT group, the door of two greater part that is subordinate of Thailand industry ministry (bureau of mineral products resource and oil management board) one of. PTT regards one economy as entity, it is on behalf of the government inside Thailand land domain the administrative power of the resource such as exercise oil natural gas, its major servicing is the exploration of the oil resource that responsible government institute has and development; Responsible oil refine and oil taste store and sell; Responsible petrolic is used, management carries the treatment processing that reachs natural gas to wait, it is Thailand government accuses appear on the market company. 2020, PTT group is in with 71.5 billion dollar 500 strong in rank the 140th. It is reported, PTTGC leaves subsidiary as PTT banner, product combination includes the upper reaches, intermediate production with downstream petrochemical and cent to sell, multi-purpose at packing, the industry such as spin and car, the company can grow an index continuously in Dow Jones in the rank successive two years a row a list of names posted up, devote oneself to to be united in wedlock with advanced technique photograph through innovating environmental protection, strengthen its to lead a position mediumly in chemical industry. Miguel Mantas of apparitor of crystal clear new place expresses: “ we are very proud Zhan Xinfa exhibits the success that gains up to now, at the same time acknowledgment United States brings company of grand international capital (Advent) , support energetically in what in going a few years, offer and high grade partner concerns. The market position that precedes to consolidate, we will invest new technology continuously, enlarge the business of Asia-Pacific area. Depend on knowledge of network of our resource, industry and major, PTT chemistry expands the business that is us the superexcellent scope that wins farther promotion. ”As the promotion of the progress of economic development, science and technology and people living standard, each industries quicken an innovation, coating product forward more the way of environmental protection, energy-saving, intelligence develops, dimensions of market of ability in swimming and other environmental protection resinous also greets high speed to grow. Among them, accumulate the requirement that contained the industrial painting of nearly 60% increases, it is one of markets with industrial coating big potential. Net of coating of China and foreign countries notices, it is Zhan Xin's big single market and strategic base, zhan Xin has been in China investment development exceeds 20 old time. This year in March, material of crystal clear new science and technology (fine promote) limited company holds water formally, settle of new production base at Zhejiang city of Jia Xingping lake alone developing zone of hill harbor economy, cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 150 mus, earlier dimensions changes construction to invest 200 million dollars about, standard of according to environmental protection, build home to bend the colophony of class industry environmental protection that points to to produce base, predict to built go into operation 2022.

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