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New breakthrough of report of far-reaching sea wind of our country of 91 11MW aircrew

Put forward one year in double carbon target during, limited company of group of green hair investment (green hair of the following abbreviation) hold strategy of green low carbon to release and industrial collaboration signs meeting agreement a peak. On the news briefing, at present big, off shore is apart from domestic dimensions project of wind electric field holds put into production to pour timing ceremony on the Peng Erhai in the Shan head with far, deep depth of water, the plan will build go into operation on September 22, 2024. Green hair answers “ carbon actively to amount to peak, carbon to counteract ” acceptance, develop dimensions to change energetically, seed profit is changed, intelligence changes green energy industry. Project of wind electric field will forging further on the Peng Erhai in Shan head green hair sea is windward electric core competition ability, construct electric field of demonstrative wind of innovation of top-ranking science and technology, lead development of project of cable of domestic maritime wind to be advanced to far-reaching sea. Project of wind electric field plans on the Peng Erhai in Shan head installed capacity 1 million kilowatt, the project plans to build 91 11 sign a group of electric machinery of made of baked clay wind, ±320kV is maritime change stream a station, ±320kV is onshore change shed sea floor of dc of a station, ±320kV cable, be up to now the project of maritime wind electric field with domestic big dimensions. This project is located in southeast Shan head city inside maritime space exclusive economic zone, off shore of field location center is apart from 95 kilometers, limits of depth of water 30 reach 50 meters, it is at present off shore is apart from far, depth of water project of deep maritime wind electric field, also be an exclusive economic zone project of go ahead of the rest of maritime wind report. Project of wind electric field plans to use intensive formula on the Peng Erhai in Shan head flexible technology of dc transmit electricity, voltage grade is ±320 kilovolt, belong to home to achieve. Flexible technology of dc transmit electricity transmits a distance far, capacity big, loss is small, can reduce maritime wind report to build cost significantly, development of par of implementation of report of maritime to driving our country far-reaching of great capacity wind is had lead action; Can break barrier of forestall of foreign IGBT technology, crucial to advancing equipment is homebred change a process to have innovation effect; Can defeat Jie Xinneng effectively the source is friendly and net difficult problem, build the new-style power system that gives priority to body with new energy resources to have win-win effect to compose. Change through beginning intensive flexible maritime wind report develops system of management of wisdom of technology of dc transmit electricity, complete lifecycle, exclusive economic zone the research of more than 10 innovation such as research and application, project of windward electric field will make the Peng Erhai in Shan head be a 1 billion made of baked clay class project of price of maritime wind n, intensive is changed flexible dc sea is windward electric demonstrative project. Electricenergy production of the year after next of project put into production can amount to 3.8 billion degrees, satisfy 1.06 million families to use electric demand, can save mark coal every year 1.14 million tons, can reduce carbon dioxide to discharge 2.3 million tons, reduce fossil the sources of energy to use up significantly, aid push transition of energy industry green to upgrade. Relevant controller expresses, green hair holds to “ to advance mission of company of ” of beauty of green development, construction, implement energy security strategy, drive socioeconomy transition of comprehensive green low carbon, to advance zoology civilization high quality of construction, implementation develops, powerful nation of construction socialism modernization contributes wisdom and force.

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