Recently, ba Ling tries device to drive to succeed in class of kiloton of epoxy resin of phenolic aldehyde of class of electron of ministry of petrifaction company colophony. Classics flow dogs, craft moves actor, at present device runs stability, product quality is eligible.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Buy of the trial assembly in epoxy resin of electronic class phenolic aldehyde drives after the success, ba Ling petrifaction formed adjacent armour phenolic aldehyde, phenol phenolic aldehyde, DCPD (double-loop the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem 2 Xi) - phenol, phenol - inferior couplet benzene epoxy resin “ is one-stop layout of ” produce and sale. Among them, phenol - inferior epoxy resin basically uses couplet benzene at makings of annulus oxygen moulding and domain of 5G Fu copperplate, homebred the import is counted entirely before changing. As 5G communication develops, business increases with demand, this unit go into operation is in epoxy resin is homebred change a respect to have milepost sense.

As we have learned, epoxy resin of electronic class phenolic aldehyde has sealing of admirable tall hear resistance, corrosion resistance, insulating property, tall adhere, apply extensively at the domain such as mechanical electron, aerospace, traffic, building.

In recent years, force of accumulation of Ba Ling petrifaction undertakes science and technology tackle key problem, be in in the light of epoxy resin electronic field requirement, developed epoxy resin of phenolic aldehyde of series electron class independently, exert oneself captures electronic communication and domain of carbon fiber composite material use “ of colophony base material to block issue of neck ” technology.

Increase ceaselessly to demand of phenolic aldehyde epoxy resin as electronic industry, this company produces can finite case to fall in original test facilities, rebuild device of the trial production in epoxy resin of phenolic aldehyde of class of a kiloton, make its have capacity of epoxy resin of phenolic aldehyde of class of electron of manufacturing much model.

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