According to Wind data, up to on April 6, shen Mohua is versed in in one class industry, already 47 appear on the market the company shows outstanding achievement of one quarterly reports premonitory, divide grand Da Xincai an add is deficient outside, the others appears on the market 46 times company outstanding achievement all signs up for be fond of beforehand (add beforehand, twist deficient, add) slightly, be fond of scale to be as high as 97.87% beforehand. Among them, lu Xi chemical industry predicts net rises even more first quarter 50 times, day iron share predicts net rises even more first quarter 60 times, much fluorine predicts net first quarter gain grows even more more 70 times. The product rises in price, demand is exuberant reach new increase production to be able to be released wait for an element to aid push relevant company outstanding achievement to soar. The product rises in price   since the four seasons was spent 2020, in chemical industry suitable periodic prices falls, the product rises in price promote fast growth of relevant company outstanding achievement. Enter after 2021, chemical industry child trade situation bearing is quite tall, plastic, PTA, glycol, the commodity price all such as Ding Chun rises. Up to now, be benefited product value rises greatly bring about net profit to add front row of fast rank industry appear on the market the company is Lu Xi chemical industry, Yun Tianhua and day iron share respectively. Lu Xi chemical industry predicts, vest in appears on the market first quarter this year the net gain of company shareholder reachs 1 billion yuan for 900 million yuan, grow 5245.53% compared to the same period to 5839.48% . Lu Xi chemical industry expresses, enter after 2021, take turns of main product value rises, up to now, ding Chun rises 37% , PC rises 30.3% , nylon 6 rise 15% , organic silicon DMC rises 31.8% , double phenolic A rises 102% . With the enterprise of omnibus chemical industry that phosphorous industry is core Yuntian changes one quarterly reports to behave ” of same “ dazzling. Yun Tianhua predicts, profit of company implementation net reachs 580 million yuan 520 million yuan first quarter, grow 4510% compared to the same period to 5042% . Yun Tianhua expresses, because price of formaldehyde of report period cohesion rises significantly,outstanding achievement rises is, stability of main unit full load moves, at the same time self-sufficient rate promotes synthetic ammonia raw material, and carried out raw material 2020 sulfureous strategy reserve, cost of main product raw material and operation cost get be controllinged effectively, bring about advocate interest rate of battalion product wool increases compared to the same period wait for a reason. The personage inside exuberant   course of study points out demand, economy falls hopeful to anabiosis in the setting of periodic ” after “ epidemic situation, because this will be pulled effectively,change the requirement of chemical industry. Be worth what carry is, this year first quarter, new material, car, course meets the requirement of relevant product market that waits for an industry exuberant, this is carried directly brace up the gain ability of enterprise of partial chemical industry. Late on April 6, much fluorine releases announcement to say more, predict 90 million yuan to realize net profit first quarter - 95 million yuan, grow 7183.91%-7588.57% compared to the same period. Much fluorine expresses more, the main reason that grows considerably compared to the same period via battalion outstanding achievement first quarter is, new material board piece demand of relevant product market is exuberant, be in continuously produce completely sell position completely, gain ability promotes considerably. With day, much fluorine is released more 2020 outstanding achievement wall bulletin, the company realizes net profit 48.62 million yuan, twist compared to the same period deficient. Jin Litai outstanding achievement is premonitory first quarter this year show, predict gain reachs 23 million yuan 20 million yuan first quarter, relatively go up growth of year of the corresponding period 5012.47% to 5779.35% . Hereat, jin Litai points out, continuance of industry of downstream first quarter automobile is overall better the look of things and market are overall demand keeps stable, jin Litai advances research and development of engineering technology of painting of portion of coating of ability in swimming, tall solid and core resinous to grind oneself continuously self-restrained, drive a product to optimize reform and build camp of product core technology, optimize client structure actively at the same time, extend new client energetically. Gain makings lasts   is additional, become divided having a department is versed in new increase production of enterprise benefit from benefit from can be released. On April 6, qi Xiang Tengda is released outstanding achievement wall bulletin was reached 2020 outstanding achievement is premonitory first quarter 2021, grow 66.49% to go up to 1.033 billion yuan foundation compared to the same period in net 2020 gain, qi Xiang Teng Da is clean first quarter profit predicts to grow 200% to 245% , amount to 594 million yuan to reach 682 million yuan, with 2019 annual 620 million yuan net profit dimensions comparatives basically. Industrial catenary dilate is the main reason that outstanding achievement of Qi Xiang Teng Da goes up greatly. Announcement shows, 200 thousand tons of put into production of Qi Xiang Teng Daxin / year project of fourth nitrile latex and first phase 100 thousand tons / year MMA project is produced can release entirely first quarter, make its product production and marketing measures what have different rate with profit to rise; In the meantime, partial product value jumps first quarter go up, qi Xiang Teng Da seizes the favorable opportunity that the product rises in price, increase a product to sell strength, implementation profit is changed greatly. Golden company points out in, the main drive element that chemical company profit improves significantly has at 2 o'clock: It is hind rehabilitate of economy of epidemic situation times, terminal demand returns to normal gradually; 2 it is oil price goes up, heavy goods and main chemical industry taste the price compared to the same period caliber rises considerably, improve company profit condition then. The country fills negotiable securities to think, anabiosis continuously in economy reach drive of filling library cycle to fall, hopeful of bearing of chemical trade tall situation continues. Look from outstanding achievement angle, outstanding achievement of chemical bibcock enterprise will exceed the market to anticipate first quarter, 2 quarters annulus is improved than will lasting. Business company thinks, chemical market rises first quarter sign is good, improvement of trade demand limit basically came from 2021 outside Yu Hai, loose monetary policy will drive chemical industry child farther Gao Jing enrages the industry, market of 2 quarters chemical industry or spend “ Mei Kaier ” .

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