Carbon fiber of American conspicuous family name carbon fiber of     HexTow is to go up of advanced aerospace and industrial application anthology. Compare with other staple photograph, carbon fiber because intensity tall, weight is light, rigid good, heat is expansile low, thermal conductivity tall, corrosion resistance and conductivity and favour be sufferringed. Does carbon fiber composite material begin the HexTow of Yu He? Carbon fiber, it is advanced aerospace and industrial application choose carbon fiber, include: A400M of opportunity for combat of typhoon of empty guest A350XWB, JSF, F18 E/F, A380, Europe, Global Express, empty guest, V22 Osprey, Boeing 787 wait with GEnx engine. Hertz family name is polyacrylonitrile (PAN) base in the leader of technology of modular quantity carbon fiber. Come 45 years, our research and development is dedicated at before the development of body and carbon fiber and production. Our carbon fiber factory is located in the United States and Europe, pass AS9100 and ISO14001 standard attestation entirely, serve for the client. HexTow of hertz family name? Carbon fiber passes pair of polypropylene eyeball (the body before PAN) undertakes a series of successive accurate control machine working procedure and into. Expose fall in extremely high temperature, body happening changes before, through oxidizing to gain high strength with carbonization weight is compared and tall stiffness weight is compared. Next finishing and aftertreatment craft improved fibrous agglutinate and operation technology. Such carbon fiber is taller than steel intensity, lighter than aluminium, the stiffness with titanium is identical. HexTow? Carbon fiber uses 2 paces to have craft production only, make yielding carbon fiber has very high intensity and modular amount. 3, the carbon fiber catalogue item with name of product of carbon fiber of American conspicuous family name and new 2021 family name of conspicuous of United States of function index   relatively did 2020 a few revise, to its according to carbon fiber utility the brand undertook classify, is cent aerospace class HexTow? HexTow of level of carbon fiber, industry? Carbon fiber. 1, carbon fiber of aerospace class HexTow     HexTow? Successive fiber can originally with all heat gender and thermoplastic colophony system photograph is united in wedlock, can use at braiding, knot, twine figuration craft; One-way belt is used at spreading silk and automatic shop automatically belt and beforehand dip makings silk bundle the shop is put. Hexcel can offer standard standard quantity, moderate pattern quantity and high standard to measure carbon fiber, IM series already made occupation standard, especially HexTow? IM7 carbon fiber.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Carbon fiber of     HexTow uses carbon fiber of industrial level HexTow extensively at many banner brands, high-powered motion recreational facilities, include axis of lever of high-powered bicycle, tennis racket, fishing, ski, ski, hockey, baseball, golf to wait a moment. HexTow excel in and in modular carbon fiber is used at caique of F1 racing bicycle, match, high-powered car to be in the match triumph. Usable still Yu Fu combines mould material. In civil engineering domain, hexTow? Use at concrete consolidate and infrastructure rehabilitate. As a result of intensity and performance dominant position, carbon fiber also is produced in the sources of energy and the possibility with the new open up in pressure vessel domain.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Hexcel of   of   of size agent choice can be offerred not size product, also can offer the product of agent of size of different type of G, GP, H, R, GS, the size with different product distinct correspondence is measured. The keep in storage that hertz family name suggests and   of expiration period   (1) quantity of model of tensile strength, drawing, drawing delays quality of length of density of long, fiber, unit (crop) , these are the carbon fiber that did not make an aftertreatment relevant attribute, save deadline to not be restricted. (2) differ in the light of the client demand, hertz family name uses the inorganic agent of own research and development to be like G, GP and GS undertake an aftertreatment to carbon fiber. Data makes clear, the carbon fiber of use G inorganic agent has expiration period of a year at least since the day from production, and GS and GP inorganic agent at least 5 years of expiration periods. (3) carbon fiber should park is packed formerly deposit indoors, satisfy commendatory reserve requirement, <95°F (35°C) and<50% RH (relative humidity) . Should avoid sunshine or water. Model is sealed pack the purify before can be being used only. (4) carbon fiber stores mix in high temperature / or below high humidity condition, or exceed afore-mentioned proposal time, the likelihood causes the difficulty that handles craft side. Below this kind of circumstance, before intense proposal is using carbon fiber, need to machine technical properties in the light of client place (if colophony is soaked, spreadability) etc do evaluate in the round.

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