Up to now, ethylene of accumulative total production exceeds factory of olefin of n petrifaction company this year 120 thousand tons. Among them, produced ethylene January seventy-five thousand two hundred tons, synthetic resin one hundred and seven thousand five hundred tons, balata 12 thousand tons, gain of implementation Zhang side 162 million yuan. Device moves smoothly is refine the Chongzhongzhi that turns company production is heavy. Alkene factory is firm the concept that establishs “ to give great benefit ” smoothly greatly, raising device to operate the firm on stable rate to make great efforts, analyse each device to run a condition everyday, focusing produces process canal to accuse, begin long cycle to move tackle key problem, search from the many sided such as index, operation, equipment, safety optimize measure. Ethylene workshop optimizes operation of switch of splitting decomposition furnace, workshop of butadiene styrene rubber strengthens glue management clear, aromatic hydrocarbon workshop controls extraction system accurately to move, low close workshop strengthens reactor monitoring, raise device to grow periodic moving level. Current, polyethylene of polyethylene of ethylene, high density, line low density, polypropylene, Ding Xi - 1 wait for installation negative charge to exceed 100% . Alkene factory is clingy market demand, the motivation with competitive pressure top-ranking to mark translate into, fractionize brand optimizes a product to produce, last year special feed FHMCRP100N exceeds manufacturing canal ability 158 thousand tons, synergism on 112 million yuan foundation, continue to increase the production of the efficient product such as bassoon material, workshop of constituent high density is optimized in production on think, adjust key of temperature, activator meticulously to operate, implementation day produces tubal material 1000 tons. Author: Zhao Xu east

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15-18 December

New York City