On April 7, moxa couplet product (L&L Products) announce to roll out new fund thermoplastic T-l of project colophony productInk? . This colophony has outstanding caking property, can reclaim gender, reparability and can shape quality, can reduce a product to produce cycle significantly, promote a product property.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
“ is current, inside course of study customary use sticky agent of glue of oxygen of annulus of double group share, the time that use gum and solidify time are longer. The sticky agent of annulus oxygen glue that Ai Lian replaces his the constituent that it is sheet, can of implementation and composite material structure in all solidify, shorten production is periodic, improve manufacturing efficiency. Brandon Madaus of technologist of research and development of data of product of ” Ai Lian expresses to say. Moreover, benefit from benefit from is thermoplastic resinous is characteristic, t-lInk? Apply to the abnormity with manufacturing geometry complex form. Be based on application to carry requirement, ai Lian can offer the T-l of a variety of normsInk? Product, include a makings, film, gauze, pink and one-way area. Among them, velar product already was pushed at regarding matrix as colophony 2014 to the market, apply at the much territory such as aerospace, weaponry and athletic sports. “ because it and photograph of epoxy resin system are comfortable match, t-lInk? Can improve composite material effectively extend a gender, rupture tenacity and impact resistance. Jason Walker of engineer of advanced product research and development expresses ” Ai Lian.

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