Recently, ba Ling petrifaction produces per year model of 90%3D of project of demonstrative unit of industry of chloric propane of oxygen of 50 thousand tons of environmental protection annulus to pass the expert that design unit organizes to examine. So far, this project designs the job to enter sprint ending phase, for project follow-up earth builds the working tamp such as construction, tubing and installation foundation.

As we have learned, 3D model is examined is the important segment that builds project design phase, apply a factory to design administrative system, it is platform facilities facilities in three-dimensional environment intuitionistic appear, for the design square, use expert of careful of square peace conference to discuss jointly, prescient design risk while, have crucial effect to be advanced smoothly what the design works and be being optimized. The model is examined have 30% normally, 60% with reference point of 90% design phase, 90 % model examines the end of the meeting is the reviewing that the plane that examines small device is decorated and 60 % beyond take an issue.

This second in examining, model of 3D of project of demonstrative unit of industry of chloric to producing per year oxygen of 50 thousand tons of environmental protection annulus propane put forward the expert 70 multinomial examine an opinion, optimize technological process, open the crucial technology program such as shutdown 41, defined final technological process plan to the crucial operation of reactor.

Annulus oxygen chloric propane is the producer goods of epoxy resin. Develop competition ability to enhance green of colophony industry catenary, cleanness of chloric propane of oxygen of the former innovation that development of Ba Ling petrifaction has completely own intellectual property annulus manufactures engineering technology, already applied for more than 40 to invent patent, obtain authorization more than 30.

At the beginning of this year June, ba Ling petrifaction uses this former to achieve what engineering technology builds to produce per year oxygen of 50 thousand tons of environmental protection annulus project of demonstrative unit of chloric propane industry is under construction on full steam. The project is included “ of ministry of national science and technology project of plan of research and development of 945 ” key and Chinese petrifaction “ science and technology of 10 dragon ” tackles key problem major project project.

This project is decorated in garden of industry of chemical industry of Yue Yang green catenary of industry of amine of the acyl inside oneself removes with upgrade inside transition project plant area, according to national standard the standard is designed, environmental protection, safety and professional sanitation all satisfy “ 3 at the same time ” asks. The project plans to will build go into operation in March 2025, annulus oxygen chloric propane of production will regard Ba Ling as for private use of producer goods of petrifaction epoxy resin entirely.

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