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Ministry of the letter that win project is approbated! Guangdong beautiful go smoothly is selected IT of 2021 new generation and manufacturing industry confluence expand pilot demonstrative list

Recently, labour believed a ministry to announce IT of new 2021 generation and manufacturing industry confluence to expand pilot demonstrative list. Guangdong beautiful go smoothly relies on oneself to had been in the comprehensive confluence of the precipitation of oxide domain and new generation IT, “ crosses project of ” of craft of safe production of automation of ketone of oxidation armour second to be seleted successfully, indicate a capability of security of industry industry news and effect construction are obtained with the industry approbate.

The picture controls it is reported of   of   of room true condition, this declare choose the deepness confluence that aims to drive catenary of complete element of new generation IT and manufacturing industry, entire industry, total value catenary, exploration is formed but condition of new job of duplicate, propagable and new pattern, enhance development of estate of industrial news safety to prop up, develop infuse new kinetic energy for manufacturing industry high quality. Pilot demonstrative content will around deepen new generation IT and development of manufacturing industry confluence, focusing two change safety of news of platform of Internet of major of mark of be linked together of confluence management system, characteristic industry, industry the direction such as ability promotion. Well-known, development of manufacturing industry high quality is the strategy that new era our country complies with general trends is abided by, it is to drive economy to last the inevitable requirement of healthy progress and the crucial link that accelerate construction to produce power. Cross oxide major manufacturer as home, guangdong beautiful go smoothly is releasing driving kinetic energy with oneself means, make ” of “ new calling card to cross oxide to make an industry make intelligence. Below the deepness confluence that makes in Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and production, intelligence of Guangdong beautiful go smoothly made new pattern overturn traditional and careful chemical industry creates pattern. Guangdong beautiful go smoothly arrives from the design that build a plant production, press top-ranking standard, had been in oxide creates a field introduce DCS of German Xi Menzi (automation system) , ESD (scram system) with SIS (safe meter system) , build workshop of modern unmanned production, carry qualitative synergism, reduce cost, escort the Emperor for safe production convoy.
Next, guangdong beautiful go smoothly will be motivation with this pilot demonstrative honor, set oneself an example to others, bear mission, on the road that deepens intelligence to make, change absorb advanced experience, strengthen oneself to ability is fostered and configure promotion further, strong chemical industry accuses safe concept, build ” of firewall of “ of beautiful go smoothly of firm number Guangdong, the company that help strength changes a number to economy from traditional economy, aid then push manufacturing industry to be carried quickly qualitative, develop infuse for manufacturing industry high quality new kinetic energy.
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