Ministry of colophony of Ba Ling petrifaction is strengthening “ 3 base in ” management job, catch 3 act of one platform of solid “ , one mechanism, one carrier ” , solid advance basic level team and group to build, arouse vitality of “ cell ” , aid push carry qualitative synergism, obtain favorable result. This year 1 to in August, this maintain safe and clean production, epoxy resin output grows 5% compared to the same period, achieve the history new tall; Caustic soda device will produce sales volume to achieve new breakthrough in July, grow 10.1% compared to the same period respectively, 16.5% ; Organic chloric device moves 158 days continuously, since starting go into operation, long cycle runs best record. On September 19, in the company labor contest shares the specific practice that introduced to strengthen management of team and group on the meeting this.

Build “ contest to exercise ” platform, “ buys power than learning to drive a side to exceed ” . This production that fixes according to the beginning of the year manages the job, science installs KPI (crucial performance) target, refine agonistic target decompose device, to team and group. Each unit union is concrete, build “ red flag + La Qi ”“ is at ease two stars of 3 star ”“ the agonistic mechanism such as ” of red flag a list of names posted up, according to in finished state of job of every months of team and group, team and group of selection red flag, blue flag, reveal column in operation room, build “ to exceed ” atmosphere than learning to drive a side. This still create labor competition ” of award people according to their contributions of special award “ , put an end to “ to work with not dry it is an appearance, good to work do an appearance ” bad; Star contest of labor of each team and group strictly ” of team and group and ” of “ star employee choose couple with “ , bring extensive staff into play adequately to walk on the enthusiasm with responsible duty and initiative.

Carry out “ standard to manage ” mechanism, stimulative job is fulfilled get effective. This make “ 3 mark ” (spot standardization, operation standardization, management standardization) executive detailed rules of team and group and assessment of team and group quantify index, adopt “ 4 not means of two straight ” is checked regularly, every quarter is reported, environment of work of operation of management of stimulative team and group, post, spot is standardized. The specific aim that focusing grooms and actual effect sex, use petrifaction to connect, build the study on the line group, each device administrator, backbone changes administrative partition to be in charge of according to reseau, decide to give lessons on different content line every week, constituent study discusses dozen of card; By workshop section long, monitor takes the lead below the line, use deputy class 8 hours to learn time, the member that lead a class is spot learning technological process, unusual deal with, check of equipment make one's rounds, pay attention to effect test and verify, adopt daily ask, everybody pass a barrier selectives examination wait for a form, consolidate study result, promote employee skill the standard.

Compose builds “ communication to share ” carrier, coagulate the heart gets together force draw on the wisdom of the masses. Every quarter administrator and squad group leader, backbone develops this each device dialog, stability of communication crop target, device moves, the circumstance such as employee thought trends, make clear working measure; Run every half an year to hold team and group to grow experience communication to share meeting, invite the “ arms head with experienced management to represent end ” with respect to management of team and group, of a mass character innovation achieves pass on experience of effect, new employee to wait for ” of “ advise others by using one's own experience. Method of job of innovation thought politics, each device carries out reseau to turn management, build perfect staff " “ 3 know 4 talk 5 seek ” foundation record surely " , begin “ man-to-man, face-to-face ” confabulate talks, from early, as a child, from fine, from solid solve employee thought problem, guide faculty to throw own job with good psychosis, effect of “ screw ” is produced adequately in ordinary post.

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