In the day of the 52nd earth that just goes, carbolic Da Feng and carbon are counteracted become a keyword again, in the contradiction that in economy rapid development and carbon decrease a platoon, clean the sources of energy can replace traditional the sources of energy further, the arrival of revolution of a the sources of energy changes profundity our way of life. Technology of cable of wind of new energy resources is mature with each passing day and perfect, it is one of beautiful option of replacement scheme of traditional the sources of energy. Shandong double Inc. of one science and technology shapes as composite material supplier of craft unifinication solution, body of capacity of company of the phone that it is wind is custom-built product of metalloid lamina mould, aid position of company of force wind phone. Metalloid lamina mould regards production wind report as the crucial equipment of blade, production process covered mechanical, chemical industry, mechanical, intelligence to make wait for many course domain, it is the concentration that undertakes be applyinged integratedly to each domain knowledge is reflected. In production process, the demand of more stable, the area that sweep wind that accords with a design moves in different environment to ensure terminal lamina, prolong blade service life, can better match with leader unit nicety, we use machining center of 5 axes numerical control to have careful treatment to mould curved surface, through modular section design, section is made, essence of life retroflexions definitely the technology such as fixed position, satisfy client expectation, carry offerings to pledge good high end equips for the client. High quality metalloid lamina mould results from our professional lamina mould designs a group, we have old design experience, can offer length to reach above to 100 meters from 3 meters for the client metalloid exact pattern, heat means heats to water from report, the structure arrives from joining together mould nest mould, bury bolt to the diverse demand such as T bolt, model beforehand the personalized mould of each different, metalloid mould product obtained client and the height that are the same as an industry to approbate. Be opposite for years through us of metalloid mould design, production experience accumulate, double one science and technology is obtained approved Shandong of domain of composite material mould research center of technology of project of provincial and exclusive mould, platform of research and development of two provincial innovation and Shandong famous brand mix mould project lab the multinomial honor such as Shandong high grade brand. Shandong double at the beginning of Inc. of one science and technology holds water, decided “ returns blue sky of the mankind's due green jade water concept of environmental protection of Bai Yun ” , this and carbon counteract a concept to happen to have the same view. In the good luck that we will amount to peak and carbon to counteract in carbon and challenge, contribute solutions of pair of one science and technology actively, economy of the green that help strength grows.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Shandong double Inc. of one science and technology held water 2000, it is one is handing in place greatly to do poineering work board appear on the market, collect is advanced design of composite material product, research and development, make, sell and serve the class at an organic whole company of new and high technology, stock code: 300690. Double one science and technology registers fund 110 million yuan, capital total 1.6 billion yuan, have stuff nearly 2000 people, always cover an area of a face to accumulate 430 thousand square metre. Double all place saves the city zone of heart of heart state city at Shandong, set hill city, Wu Cheng, Tianjin 3 branches reach salt of pair of one science and technology city limited company, Shandong double one houseboat limited company, produce grind new material academy (heart city) limited company 3 subsidiary, dominant product includes: Report of wind of metalloid exact pattern, new energy resources composite material component, car is small quantify goods of component, advanced composite material and high-quality goods to swim angle a light boat 5 big board piece, among them product of composite material component, metalloid mould spreads all over report of wind of new energy resources the market, quantity of produce and sale ranks industry front row.

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15-18 December

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