With the polyurethane material of life be closely bound up development had new breakthrough. Of “ our research and development flame retardant material of environmental protection high-powered polyurethane had progress to upgrade. ”3 month 10 days, matutinal chemical industry studies Zhao Xiuwen of assistant chief engineer of finite liability company expresses the designing institute. The expert thinks related polyurethane, what this company develops is flame retardant performance of flame retardation of material of environmental protection high-powered polyurethane, environmental protection is good, drove industry technology progress, the high end in driving industry of our country polyurethane to march toward, help the development of the promotion of quality of car of force our country and aviation career. Flexible qualitative foam depends on the polyurethane of research and development of “ matutinal courtyard its are exceedingly good and characteristic, the place such as the seat of the vehicle such as machine of applicable Yu Fei, train, car, cushion for leaning on and headrest. We already became eaves to connect the interior trim such as seat of car of passenger car T7 the sole supplier of polyurethane raw material, serve to wait for large activity at forum of Asia of a huge legendary turtle of two meetings, rich. ”Zhao Xiuwen says. According to introducing, connect passenger car T7 to realize eaves by the change of common interior trim to interior trim of environmental protection high-quality goods, material of this company polyurethane developed a project to combine a kind of material that has cavity structure, hydrophoby cavity can include sth resembling a net organic element, restrain benzene kind, aldehyde kind corporeal volatilization, make total volatile organic matter (TVOC) falls amount to 47% . They still combine small taste the recipe technology of quick response system, make the excel of bubble odour grade of this product the level of 3 class. After introducing this product, below the case that closes in car window, eaves opens a passenger train take personnel to express to did not smell in succession flavour. Meanwhile, own design composed this project suite nitric structure flame retardant get together ether is multivariate mellow —— gets together Niao is multivariate mellow. This are multivariate alcohol is not contained haloid, achieve through azotic element flame retardant the effect, do not contain bromic aerosol and drippy substance, amount of combustion hair smoke is small, bubble oxygen index achieves 28% above, smoke density is only 3.6, satisfied eaves to connect T7 to ask to the high-end fixed position of the supplier. Be worth what carry is, project group was developed compound model technology of bubble of polyurethane memory cotton. Of the content of ethane of oxygen of tall be surrounded by mountains with own design get together ether is multivariate alcohol is bases, through choosing agent of starting a hole, match stabilizing agent of tall active bubble, they obtain density to be less than 55 kilogram / index of stere, oxygen is more than the low temperature of 25% quick model memorial cotton. This memory cotton has appearance memory good, low to exponential dependence, product does not stick a hand, be able to bear or endure the characteristic such as exhaustion. Current, this goods is applied extensively in home, of ameliorable passenger take comfortable sex. “ is flame retardant material of environmental protection high-powered polyurethane got the affirmation inside course of study, this project declares 7 inventions in all, among them 5 already obtained authorization, win oil and award of third class of progress of science and technology of chemical Joint Industry Conference. Come 3 years, this company accumulative total sells a product 17 thousand tons of above, economic benefits is remarkable. ” Zhao Xiuwen says, matutinal courtyard will continue to begin raw material product and technology to tackle key problem, develop bottleneck difficult problem around the industry, extend the high-end polyurethane material such as heat-resisting, scanty water to use a field, satisfy the development requirement of the market and industry.

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