Get together slant fluorine ethylene (English abbreviate PVDF) it is a kind of height blame reactivity is thermoplastic the polymer that contain fluorine, basically be to point to slant fluorine ethylene all gets together content perhaps slants fluorine ethylene and a few other containing the copolymer of fluorine vinyl monomer, it holds the colophony that provide fluorine and general resinous character concurrently, except have obdurability, low coefficient of friction, be able to bear or endure goodly chemistry is corroded, high temperature resistant, be able to bear or endure oxidation, be able to bear or endure await, be able to bear or endure outside the function such as ray radiate, still have the special property such as the sex that suppress report, interpose report sex, pyroelectricity sex, it is to contain fluorine plastic in crop handles the 2nd product. As increase environmental protection strength ceaselessly, new energy industry grows quickly continuously, demand of new to chemical industry material rises quickly. In recent years, PVDF stabilizes growth in the solar energy backboard, water treatment film, demand that notes the domain such as model and coating. And the swift and violent development as lithium battery, PVDF appeared to demand exceeds supply as the upriver material of lithium report situation. On December 4, gigantic change share to release announcement to express, plan to add ability of chemical industry of two big fluorine newly to revise extend project, total total investment makes an appointment with 1.673 billion yuan, plan 2023 four quarters build go into operation. Announcement expresses, gigantic change subordinate to divide factory report to change a factory to plan to carry out add 48 thousand tons newly / year VDF ability changes extend to add 30 thousand tons project, newly / year PVDF ability revises extend project (first phase) add twenty-three thousand five hundred tons newly / year PVDF project, project investment is 979 million yuan respectively, 693 million yuan. Specific in light of, add 48kt/aVDF ability newly to revise extend project, the project always invests for 97, nine million four hundred and ninety-eight thousand three hundred yuan, the project uses fluorine of catalysis of VDC fluid photograph to change manufacturing HCFC-142b, heat to crack VDF of preparation of unfixed chloridize hydrogen, design dimensions is add 48kt/aVDF monomer newly, form a complete set adds 80kt/aHCFC-142b newly, couplet produces 10kt/aHFC-143a, 32.5kt/a to have hydrochloric acid of water hydrofluoric acid, 93kt/a (31% ) , product of 37.49kt/a chloridize hydrogen. Plan 2023 four quarters build go into operation. Predicting project is amounted to produce after amounting to effect, increase sales revenue newly 78, one million and fifty-four thousand five hundred yuan / year all (for export income, deduct the income that uses for in-house product raw material) . Add 30kt/aPVDF ability newly to revise extend project (first phase) add 23.5kt/aPVDF item newly, the project always invests 69, three million one hundred and forty-one thousand seven hundred yuan, the project uses suspension polymerization craft and latex polymerization craft to produce PVDF resin. Add 23.5kt/aPVDF newly. Among them: Add suspension law PVDF17.5kt/a newly; Add latex law PVDF6kt/a newly. Main production unit includes PVDF aggregate unit (reaction working procedure) , aggregate device (aftertreatment working procedure) , public project building (distribution) , water of distribution and I/O station, loop / device of refrigerant station, aftertreatment is transformed, the device such as control room and establishment of its form a complete set. Main production unit includes VDF monomer device, HCFC-142b/HFC-143a to produce device and wisdom control center, burn, the establishment of auxiliary form a complete set such as water of refrigerant station, loop and public project plan 2023 the four seasons is spent build go into operation. Predicting project is amounted to produce after amounting to effect, can achieve sales revenue 212, seven million five hundred and forty-seven thousand four hundred yuan / year all. As we have learned, fluorine polymer is the development in organic fluorine industry one of fast, industries that have perspective, those who be in industrial catenary is medium back end, the product is add value is high. Its are become with superior performance cannot replace, new material of indispensable crucial chemical industry, also be our country strategical the stress that burgeoning industry grows struts stuff, develop strategic stress for industry of company fluorine chemical industry. Fluorine chemical industry is company core industry. The PVDF that regards fluorine polymer as the 2nd old product also is the key product that the company develops. Current, the company has VDC→HCFC-142b→VDF→PVDF to swim up and down whole industry catenary, competitive advantage is relatively clear. Among them: 20kt/aHCFC-142b project already built go into operation entirely; VDC product is produced can crop house home, take home market portion of 50 % above; The 10kt/aPVDF that building already built 3.5t/a (1kt/a of law of latex law 2.5kt/a, suspension) , 6.5kt/aPVDF of odd suspension law predicts to built first half of the year 2022, binder of report of suspension law lithium already sold past market with PVDF, technology of PVDF of the class of latex law smooth hot season, class that note model is mature and reliable, at present the product demands exceeds supply. The company shows, implement afore-mentioned projects, accord with a company to do do actor by force to do chloridize of big high-powered fluorine to be versed in new material develops the strategy, can produce the advantage such as unifinication of company estate catenary, technology and dimensions effectively, increase high end to change, special change PVDF product breed, extend lithium battery class, tall simple chemical keep in storage and carry the market such as material.

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