Shipbuilding industry accepts the order the quantity is successive 3 years the 2nd, 7 years, market prospect but period; shipping and marine project are carbon of Da Feng of implementation “ carbon to neutralize goal of ” double carbon, to light quantify, 0 discharge, new fuel boat design and application have pressing demand, here the composite material in demand is hasten of applied tide place. Reason this, implement 945 programs to be carried out in the round, the shipping that help strength and marine project finish the historic job of double carbon target, study communicates craft of the advanced technique of composite material of domestic and international shipping and goods, forward position and tendency of the market, guild of fishing gear of plane of fishing of branch of a light boat of boat of shipping industry guild, Guangdong fisher and answer ability network on September 2022 5—7 day is in Guangdong · Zhuhai to sponsor “2022 shipping composite material to apply height forum and new technology · jointly site of plant of new application of new material · demonstrates meeting ” to invite shipping and marine project. This second forum theme is " shipping light quantify with marine project " . Forum will make trade report by secretary-general of branch of a light boat of boat of shipping industry guild, invite famous boat look forward to scholar of expert of place of courtyard of technologist, scientific research makes professional report, make delegate attending the meeting understands this domain composite material objectively to use the current situation deep, say a technology, talk about application, analyse market, compose builds ” of market of terminal of — of equipment of — of goods of — of material of a “ not to have the entire industry catenary that seams a butt joint to optimize platform. The achievement of scientific research of goods of partial composite material that forum still plans to reveal school of domestic scientific research, build case grind produce butt joint platform, be helpful for an enterprise carrying a design on the head to reach adjust a program, produce composite material and product advantage, help the prosperous development that promotes shipping and marine project. In the meantime, zhuhai still sees arrangement during forum outstanding vacate, a light boat of river dragon boat, inferior optical science and technology (former sunbird) wait for an enterprise, a light boat of spot study boat composite material workmanship. Composite material craft eights saints go across the sea, include to pull crowded, braid, the hand is burnt, eject, pressure shapes etc, be aimed at different applied setting and stress requirement, every kinds of craft has his advantage and limitation. Markforged depends on its particular CFR technology: Add material to make successive fiber enhance a technology, had been in shipping, houseboat, unmanned boat, respect of spare parts of aquatic sports equipment has the collaboration with domestic and international enterprise and communication for many times. Answer shipping industry and conference major idea: New material. New technology: The successive fiber of Markforged enhances a technology to be related production shipping industry application, believe the meeting is right this the conference adds particular scenery line. Because add,successive fibrous is united in wedlock, shape in a lot of now composite material it is OK that the geometrical freedom of means place confine spends those who go up to be guided by Markforged to add material to make the heart demon that avoid engineer and stylist are designing limitation to go up, accomplish truly think namely namely earning. Session, rich sees Markforged area agent three-dimensional will Markforged equipment shape principle, the finished product that print and the commercial setting value of each printing finished product that has a characteristic one by one to the audience people undertake explaining.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The graph is in for Markforged successive fiber houseboat equipment is custom-built change program of setting of spare parts application to arrange time: 5-7 day ground will nod in September: Guangdong•Smooth sand of area of bay of gold of Zhuhai of big public house of scene of dimension of bay of spring of Zhuhai Zhuhai sea presses down marine hot spring of 2 tigers hill to go vacationing the area is specific agenda: On September 5 (on Monday) 13:00-21:00 congress reports for duty, butt joint communication. On September 6 (Tuesday) congress that day on September 7 (on Wednesday) visiting enterprise, the problem that in be being produced actually in the light of answer timber plant, encounters spreads out discuss. (sign up to contact Markforged to perhaps sponsor please square: Answer ability network) the product of concerned Markforged Markforged company has distributinged 15 thousand factories in 70. In whole product development cycle, maintain to carry out hind from research and development, this company had printed more than 10 million spare partses. Since hold water, markforged has the operation mode that passes test and verify and driving growth record, created the income of about 70 million dollar 2020. Tremendous and the market opportunity of constant growth. Add material to make an industry representing tremendous and the market opportunity of constant growth. This industry rises the 18 billion dollar 2021 from the 2 billion dollar 2012, predict to will reach 118 billion dollar 2029. Use the maturity of component respect as the terminal that adds material to make a technology have cost effectiveness in creation, existing supply catenary conformity and circumfluence trend to will promote industry growth quickly. Concerned rich sees three-dimensional see without Xi Bo limited company of three-dimensional science and technology held water on June 29, 2021, register capital 3 million U.S. dollor, obtain dealership of equipment of American Markforged area, offer for domestic company together with Markforged: 3D prints a technology to seek advice from a service, 3D prints a service, sale of the 3D equipment that print and company study long reach groom service, the company regards applied research and development as the core of the enterprise competition ability from beginning to end, active will domestic and international achievement of outstanding applied research and development transforms to industrialization, devote oneself to what 3D digitlizes a technology to gain ground turn application, those who realize complex structure product is flexible turn production, high quality of the manufacturing industry that help strength develops.

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15-18 December

New York City