Wind-force generates electricity is can mature in field of second birth energy, provide dimensions to develop condition and commercialize those who develop prospect to generate electricity one of means, already had at present not less than 70 are using wind energy to generate electricity. In policy support and the sources of energy supply nervous setting to fall, wind-force generates electricity the industry rises quickly, had become wind cable investment to be active domain. Wind cable industry serves as burgeoning industry in our country, main support introduces development initial stage absorb foreign technology, form a complete set also is forestall of entrance product place for a time related its, the “ coating ” of wind report form a complete set also is such. According to estimation, 2010~2020 year, demand of coating of report of our country wind makes an appointment with 130 thousand tons, have nearly 7 billion yuan market, but majority market is forestall of foreign brand place. As in recent years of wind cable industry erupt type grows, of coating of form a complete set homebred change already became hasten of general trends place. Demand of wind report coating rises greatly   statistic data shows, up to by 2020, installed capacity of accumulative total of report of our country wind already amounted to 281 million kilowatt, dimensions is resided. Meanwhile, electricenergy production of electricity of our country wind is 466.5 billion kilowatt hour, grow about 15% compared to the same period, be equivalent to power station of 4 3 gorge almost the electricenergy production 2020. On October 14, 2020, " wind energy Beijing is enunciative " release. " enunciative " say, to achieve the goal that neutralizes a target to join with carbon, need to assure year all increase outfit chance newly above of 50 million kilowatt; After 2025, wind report year all add installed capacity newly to answer not under 60 million kilowatt, achieve 800 million kilowatt to 2030, achieve 3 billion kilowatt to 2060. Industry of this adumbrative cable of our country wind will be greeted new round high speed grows. Volume of wind phone equipment is huge, coating has significant safety action. (data picture)   and synchronism of wind cable industry grow still have industry of relevant form a complete set, its are apoplectic electric coating is to look ordinary, but it is indispensable one annulus however. The region with hair because our country is wind- driven located electric field is vast, fan system meets those who confront all sorts of harsh environments erode, be like radiate of sand blown by wind, ultraviolet light, difference in temperature, rain snow, frozen etc, especially establishment of maritime wind report, be eroded the concussion that reachs ocean wave for a long time by mist of lunt, salt, incidental corrode a problem, accordingly, to assure the service life that wind report equips 20 years, must take relevant safeguard, and coating protection is a among them important segment. Coating of wind report protection basically includes mast preservative coating and blade protection coating, and cover of mast base, hub, bearing, engine room, rectification cover and other and electric equipment also need paint likewise defend. Natural environment of foreign brand “ refuses to obey”Although wind report coating is industry of form a complete set, but very big however to the influence of wind cable industry. wind report coating basically is supplied by foreign coating brand, especially blade coating market, be come from entirely almost the entrance coating place of Denmark, Germany, Italy, United States is held. Industry of cable of our country wind starts late, development time is short, although be below the case with foreign not certain and honest product, downstream manufacturer still dare not use homebred coating. But the expert inside course of study reminds, what wind report coating should value more still is its environment applicability. With a vast territory, the climate between area of 3 north ” has “ to be in differently, mix littoral with Hua Dong, Hua Na what is more,the rather that the climate of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau differs farther. For example the climate environment of northwest area is sex of tall wear-resisting bad news, good to the requirement of coating fight ultraviolet light gender, exceedingly good be able to bear or endure cold heat hands in the microtherm flexibility that becomes character, good to mix the good sex that fight ice. And Hua Na's coastal climate environment is exceedingly good to the requirement of coating fight ultraviolet light function, be able to bear or endure rainwater erodes performance, be able to bear or endure saline mist function. And Euramerican wind report coating is the design of wind report environment that is aimed at a foreign country mostly, do not fit the environmental requirement of our country certainly, existence “ natural environment refuses to obey the circumstance of ” . Investigation shows, a few blade that in “ area of 3 north ” uses already appeared damage is serious and the problem of repair difficulty, the face of a few lamina that uses in Jiangsu foreland had had pulverization and the circumstance that drop pink happens. Indigenous industry increases research and development to throw   to face at present job of paint of domestic wind report by the situation of foreign brand forestall, business of a few homebred paint still values the progress of wind cable industry, increase investment adamantinely, strive shortens in technical respect and foreign capital enterprise difference. Fontal city letter and new material Inc. are in in recent years special defended great progress is obtained on coating. This company research and development much money applies to the domain such as report of bridge, shipping, nucleus, wind report, building defend coating, in anticorrosive fight eroded the expression that waits for a respect to get the height inside course of study is approbated. The anticorrosion coating that its produce already built medium applying in many bridge of our country, nuclear report defends coating still broke foreign company in the world monopoly position. Nearly two years, letter and new material laid the view wind cable industry, investment weighs coating of report of wind of golden research and development. Of “ special coating detect cost is very high, we develop to be tasted newly, sheet detects cost is about to cost millions yuan. Current, the quality of wind report coating that we produce already can compare humeral international advanced level. ” is believed and emperor of division of old man of new material executive director expresses, compare with foreign brand photograph, business of native land paint is having inherent district advantage. The communication that this is the group of research and development that points to domestic company and client not just is relatively convenient, more crucial is, native land brand knows native climate environment more. After all, the existence value of coating, besides beautiful, advocate if resist,climate environment is opposite advocate of material destroy. Research and development of coating of “ wind report, improve, use the premise with industry of new energy of equipment wind report, it is different to group of wind electric machinery the understanding of moving environment and divisional, be protect coating current situation to group of wind electric machinery dog and observe, be pair of coating invalidation reasons seek and imitate, it is pair of coating the play in achievement of other application domain and continuance, it is the transplanting that professional experience accumulates coating to go up in new industry equipment. ” Weng Shisheng introduces, the industrial development premise of wind report coating is ” of “ adjust measures to local conditions, development agrees with the wind report coating of all sorts of climate conditions, not be a simple scientific research procedure merely, what still need coating industry is ceaseless dog and sum up ceaselessly. “ our early days invested capital of many research and development, the technology is basic unchallenged, but the outstanding achievement that downstream client wants to see us make wind report coating. Domestic company does wind report coating a few years this to just start, outstanding achievement, case is not much. ” Weng Shisheng appeals, relevant section should resemble guiding car coating in those days homebred like changing, the paint company that makes home burgeoning can gain the opportunity of fair competition, “ cannot because of project invite public bidding square doorsill camp, let market of so big wind report coating desertion for nothing. ” at the same time, she also thinks paint business of home should make a change on management strategy, encourage wind phone owner to just try to introduce domestic product, the person that be brave in to be used to coating makes quality commitment. The expert inside course of study suggests, paint business of home is OK first from proceed with of paint of tower canister wall. Because at present wind phone owner just is opposite,doorsill of this invite public bidding is not very tall, have to holds brand of famous, abroad like unlike lamina coating. Market of paint of wall of canister waiting for a tower is done big, enter market of coating of other wind report gradually again, this is not a process that accomplish in one move, need successive. In addition, concerned branch should intensify establishing the occupation standard of wind report coating, help wind report coating use thereby just can consult somewhat when selecting a product.

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