Recently, use MySE3.0-135 of intelligence of bright this world tower orchid holds the Italy of maritime fan in the palm the project is great consign, be about to go to from Tianjin harbor carry project seat, predict to will be arrived at before the bottom in September. This is maritime fan second march European market, be being mixed to wind cable industry is a major breakthrough for intelligence of bright this world. Tower orchid holds a project in the palm is Italy build and the maritime wind electric field of put into production, it is Mediterranean area commercialize project of maritime wind cable, also will become the milepost that project of cable of meridional and maritime wind develops. To make sure aircrew is exported smoothly, and aircrew is in Datuolan the moving stability of project enlistment, ming Yangzhi can cooperate company of Renexia of owner unit Italy to undertake relevant attestation to aircrew early or late, the SSDA letter that obtained TüV NORD smoothly to issue (design of specific field location is evaluated) with CE certificate, and ancient bronze mirror judge the type attestation letter that attestation center issues. Dalantuo the project is located the position attributes extent of low wind speed, be based on after just be being communicated adequately with owner, considering investment redound accrual, decide to use MySE3.0-135 of 10 intelligence of bright this world eventually maritime fan. Be worth what carry is, this type is in Jiangsu seaside in 150 thousand maritime project from January 2020 and since the net generates electricity, but utilization rate 99.29% , electricenergy production restricts 442 million kilowatt hour, each index is exceedingly good; Came in January 2021 July, can use hour of number to amount to 2170 hours, already achieved annual goal 76% , but utilization rate is amounted to 99.87% , those who reflected unit is efficient, reliable. Follow-up, ming Yangzhi's technology that will use maturity, can exceedingly good economy reachs rich project experience, for Dalantuo the project endows with can high electricenergy production and high reliability, the owner that help strength realizes project accrual to be changed greatly.

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