Wind report lamina is wind- driven dynamo one of important parts mechanical energy of wind energy translate into, element has ” of soul of “ of wind- driven dynamo say. Recently, lamina of report of the Oriental and electric own development, B1030A that owns completely own intellectual property wind makes base get offline in Shandong. This lamina length 103 meters, it is the lamina of long wind report that at present our country already got offline. This year in Feburary, the 10 million that length amounts to 102 meters are made of baked clay - SR210 lamina, in base of Jiangsu salt city implementation delivers goods consign, the lamina of report of 10 million made of baked clay wind that grows on its since, it is domestic fund train in excess specified length of 100 meters of class is flexible carbon fiber lamina. Henceforth, many whole mechanism builds an enterprise to announce lamina of report of wind of 100 meters of class to get offline in succession. Inside course of study the personage looks, “ of lamina of our country maritime fan ” of age of 100 meters of grade already came. As fan lamina ceaseless refresh length, wind cable market also raised taller requirement to blade raw material. Blade is large turn a tide apparent   all the time since, high-power fan is wind report falls this main measure, subsequently and come, increase be blade dimension ceaselessly. “ impeller diameter is longer, the area that sweep wind is larger, electricenergy production jumps over big ” , this already was the consensus that industry reachs generally. Study data according to the industry, lamina of our country fan is large turn a tide very apparent already, add group of wind electric machinery newly diameter of average wind rotor already reached 120 meters of 2018 by 65 meters of promotion 2008. Nearly two years, the growth of blade length is to make wind rotor diameter farther increase more. This year in Feburary, shipping group announces 10 million cover with tiles maritime fan gets offline formally, length of lamina of form a complete set amounts to 102 meters, this also is our country length exceeds 100 meters fan lamina. Subsequently, september, group of cable of Shanghai electric wind releases a message to say, the lamina of maritime wind report that is as long as 102 meters asks city, this year in November, oriental and electric group announces the own development, is as long as 103 meters lamina that owns completely own intellectual property gets offline formally, once more record of lamina of refresh our country. The “ of blade length grows dimensional ” is far more than hereat. Up to now, wisdom of bright this world, general but the whole mechanism such as second birth the sources of energy, Weisidasi builds business to already also released research and development to plan in succession, announce to will roll out the maritime fan of taller stand-alone power and bigger lamina dimension. According to bright this world wisdom sends the message of cloth, this company is the maritime fan of 16 thousand kilowatt in power of stand-alone of research and development, anticipate blade length is 118 meters. This year in October, international is overall the maritime fan that tycoon dimension Si Dasi announces to will roll out stand-alone power to be 15 thousand kilowatt, length of predicting fan lamina can achieve 115.5 meters. Blade material is badly in need of light quantify   to have calculate show, blade weight increases to become direct ratio with the cubic metre of blade length, the frequent promotion of blade length means the rapid growth of blade weight. Many personage inside course of study expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, the promotion of the equipment dimension such as fan, lamina, had raised wind report to carry cost considerably actually, move toward deep-sea high seas as wind report especially, the carriage of the large component such as blade is one catastrophe problem more. The reporter understands, main raw material includes fan blade colophony radical, stick receive agent, core material and enhance material to wait, and fibre glass is current the main buildup on market material composition. Inside course of study the personage looks, earnestly of traditional fibre glass material needs light quantify material to replace, and carbon fiber is one of data that provide potential at present. Carbon fiber is a kind of carbon advocate the high-powered fiber material of catenary structure, the quantity that contain carbon exceeds 90% , have quality light, high strenth, anti-corrosive, fight the superior performance such as exhaustion, already was applied extensively at the many domains such as aerospace, infrastructure, industry application at present. “ uses carbon fiber in blade, aux will be able to reduces blade quality quite effectively, increase blade strength, be in especially maritime tall salt is tall below wet environment, material of the carbon fiber in blade also can promote corrosion resistance can, more apply to abominable climate condition. A lamina makes ” tell a reporter from trade public figure. Carbon fiber is homebred change a process to accelerate     “ the fan lamina of 100 meters of above must use carbon fiber, but actually, be affected new coronal by pneumonic epidemic situation, near future heavy goods rises in price ceaselessly, this also included carbon fiber. In a year of in the past, carbon fiber price rises already exceeded 30% . Report of ” some wind points out from trade public figure. The data that negotiable securities of the people's livelihood of market research organization releases shows, at present cost of material of wind report fan is occupied than be in 95% above, among them blade takes fan cost of material 20% the left and right sides. To allowance be about to for the industry of maritime wind cable of fall off, fall this pressure already spread to entire industry catenary, the economy of carbon fiber becomes the crucial influencing factor that prospective lamina develops. Before this, the personage inside course of study discloses to the reporter, actually, market of our country carbon fiber is supplied still relatively count an import, besides the function of carbon fiber itself, the performance that affects carbon fiber to enhance composite material still has glue and resinous recipe, and involve complex manufacturing process and solidify technology. Capacity of delivery of manufacturer of production of “ international carbon fiber does not follow to go up demand, and homebred carbon fiber is faced with large-scale productivity can flabby wait for difficulty surely, this one current situation is approved probably to large size lamina quantify production to bring a challenge. But in recent years, carbon fiber is homebred change a process to already was accelerated stage by stage, show industry of level home carbon fiber development is very rapid already, the difference that waits for a country with beautiful day also is narrowing ceaselessly, the integral function that commercializes a product anticipates will promote somewhat. ”Afore-mentioned wind report point out from trade public figure, wind report lamina will be industry of homebred carbon fiber to offer good chance to the applied demand of carbon fiber, if industry of domestic carbon fiber can be formed with wind cable industry,interact goodly, will conduce to drive carbon fiber to apply in the batch of wind cable industry, form benign loop.

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