On September 13, report of maritime wind of company of 3 gorge group rises the Yangtse River oneself 3 gorge 101” is in ——“ of platform of type exploration experiment Qingdao holds finishing all directions smoothly to witness a ceremony, the mark is worn level of pay of this project make one's bow. Academy of ministry of safety of quality of 3 gorge group, science and technology (” of courtyard of scientific research of “ of the following abbreviation) , Shanghai reconnaissance designs academy limited company (” of courtyard of Shanghai of “ of the following abbreviation) , agency of branch of Qingdao of Qingdao maritime bureau, ship's classification society and platform always contract square, design square, build just. 3 gorge of “ 101” platform is current domestic function complete, efficiency depth of water of tall, exercise the marine project exploration with large area of deep, platform experiments platform, have the capacity that moves to follow fixed position with essence of life inside area of wind electric field independently, gross weight amounts to many tons 2200, depth of water of your work course of study 58 meters, captain 48 meters, model 30 meters wide, the area is 3.5 basketball field about, model deep 4.2 meters, design service life 25 years. Platform deploys digitlization borer, static force to touch sound equipment and lab of high ground labor, actual strength of scientific research technology achieves international advanced level. Platform plans at the consign end September, will go up for our country sea qualitative survey of building site of water of project of wind report ocean and experiment offer main technique to prop up. This project takes the lead by courtyard of scientific research of 3 gorge group, associated Shanghai courtyard is made jointly, the expert such as industry of system, shipping is handed in to be proved with all possible means in classics, multinomial technology innovation obtained in platform design: 1) used litre fall rate amounts to system of rack of 36 meters of horary dynamoelectric gear, implementation platform rises quickly fall shift; 2) sail in platform, ballast water need not be configured in rising picket to control a process beforehand, realize 0 ballast operation, energy-saving environmental protection; 3) deployed digitlization rig, promoted drill intelligence to change with efficiency; Suffer hill of thunderous of group company president to entrust, sun Changping of dean of scientific research courtyard serves as ship-owner square delegate to sign finishing all directions to witness a book, and the spot was checked create the job. Dean Sun Changping signs ceremonially to express in all directions testimony, what platform creates the job is basic finish, work for next platform consign, devoted scientific research and manufacturing operation next dozen of solid bases, the hope just is handing in a boat to check and accept level to continue to retain strict requirement each, ensure high level, high quality, efficient finish construction and consign job on schedule. 3 gorge quality installs deputy director general of all Li Jianbo to platform build efficiency to express affirmation, expect cooperation of each honest concerted effort, the ending before making good platform delivery works, finish satisfactory exam paper. 3 gorge of “ the specific practice that 101” platform is goal of strategy of ” of the person that report of maritime wind of adamantine executive “ leads 3 gorge group, our country can be satisfied after platform building the project reconnaissance demand of current and complex ocean environment, realize reconnaissance of maritime wind report and operation of scientific research unifinication; The competitive advantage that still will promote ocean of 3 gorge group equipment of core of project reconnaissance business energetically, to urge our country maritime wind report moves toward far-reaching sea to offer technology and equipment to prop up by coastal waters, ensure the sex of on the safe side of the project effectively, realize maritime wind report to fall the target that this synergism, par gets online.

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