Woodbridge of manufacturer of Canadian polyurethane expanded plastics developed a kind of technology, will pure biology carbon (biology carbon) in the chemistry of polyurethane seat bubble that conformity goes to a company.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
According to the report, this kind of new product that the name is TrimVisibl BIO can be below the situation that does not affect material character, function and comfortable sex, reduce seat foamy carbon dioxide in gate process from the cradle (CO2) footmark. Say according to Woodbridge, this technology conduces to reduce car the carbon dioxide discharge capacity inside whole lifecycle. According to the report, the TrimVisibl that takes the place of first (famed with its black) be to serve as solution of moulding seat bubble to release, this solution offerred the totle drilling cost that craft is improved and reduced seat system. TrimVisibl LE is the 2nd acting product, the low volatile organic compound in be an industry (VOC) and small taste function erected surveyor's pole. TrimVisibl BIO is the 3rd acting product. Woodbridge and can administer silvan attestation cooperation continuously, developed a kind to have technology only, machine lumber the biology carbon of tall purity of medium hangover translate into. Relevant personnel says: “ is absorbed completely through the carbon dioxide of lifetime, death or cankered tree and silvan trash are the one part that regards biology carbon as lifecycle through decompose or burning normally and the origin that discharges carbon dioxide. The form that Woodbridge craft decides the solution that can be used at the design to be able to reduce footmark of product carbon dioxide significantly in a kind through locking up carbon dioxide effectively will keep apart biology carbon. The scientists of Woodbridge had established chemical method, the polyurethane chemical that replaces a tradition with biology carbon will make TrimVisible BIO, this is a kind of technology that applying, can the limits of the company the carbon dioxide discharge capacity of 1 offsets clean 0. ”Relevant personnel expresses: “ as TrimVisible BIO roll out, we are adding product of carbolic neutral bubble in our product combination now, reduce calefacient possibility in order to help. ”Besides TrimVisible BIO, woodbridge still is based on in development can last overall product line of the technology. This includes the near future and long-term research and development (R&D) project, in order to promote the circular sex that the car supplies chain, and increase environmental protection and biology to derive a solution, in order to alleviate calefacient eliminate right cannot the dependence of second birth technology. Relevant personnel expresses: “Woodbridge is banner seat bubble manufacturer, devote oneself to to bring climate to counteract for the client, but second birth and the technology that can last. Carry research and development, we will seek a means ceaselessly, replace fossil fuel successfully to derive material with environmental protection and the solution that can last, in order to improve the competitive position that we did not come to. ”

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