Recently, manage of Chinese Academy of Sciences changes an old brave group to put forward electric catalysis reforming deserted PET course, translate into of will deserted PET has tall economy natrium of 2 formic acid, oxalic acid natrium mixes pair of benzene of additional cost hydric. According to reforming of estimation report catalysis the economic benefits of 1 ton of deserted PET exceeds 5000 yuan, and rigid standard reclaims the economic benefits of 1 ton of PET is 100-400 yuan. What study the group is advancing this technology at present is medium try change research. Get together to benzene glycol of 2 formic acid ester (PET) chemistry is stable, the degradation cycle below environment achieves 200-400 year, be opposite completely at present a debit type of deserted PET is main have two kinds: Machinery reclaims with thermochemistry. In home, machinery reclaims occupy PET overall reclaim the 90% above of portion, but machinery reclaims cannot realize closed circuit to reclaim, still will undertake filling burying to its eventually or burn. Under photograph comparing, thermochemistry reclaims theoretic the goal that can achieve closed circuit to reclaim, accomplish “ bottle to reclaim to bottle ” eventually, but thermochemistry reclaims the course changes efficiency low, economy is poorer, the market is had rate is low.

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