A piece of little film, held absolutely C in the exhibition hall of Shandong Dong Yue group however. “ did not look down upon this piece of film, it can be whole hydrogen can ‘ chip ’ of the system. Be delegate of institute of this piece of film is brand-new acerbity colophony of sulphur of structural complete fluorine and complete set become velar technology, for our country hydrogen can the strategic security that industrial development provided core key data is ensured. ” is in exhibition hall, professor Zhang Yongming says chief scientist of academy of Shandong Dong Yue group so.

   Eliminate ” of Adam's apple of pharynx of foreign forestall “

Hydrogen can be the new the sources of energy that has major strategy sense, but can develop film of proton of complete fluorine of —— of as crucial as the core in using a process material to become core “ for a long time however to block neck ” a hard nut to crack as hydrogen.

Professor Zhang Yongming says, hydrogenous fuel cell generates electricity the system is whole hydrogen can develop the crucial seat in using, ” of its “ heart is proton film, be known as the “ chip ” of whole system. At present electrolyte of complete fluorine polymer film is the accepted top end on international and by exclusive and actual used proton film, but be waited for by the United States and Japan before this western state monopoly, become our country to develop hydrogen to be able to be mixed hydrogen can be efficient the difficult problem of ” of neck of core “ card that use, it is our country must develop bottleneck in strategic level broken.

To break this one bottleneck, professor Zhang Yongming guides members of group of research and development to begin 20 years to grind the hardships course of one sword. They from basic research proceed with, aspire wants additional monarch way, innovation invention is brand-new acerbity colophony of sulphur of structural complete fluorine and complete set become velar technology.

Job of research and development is centered in found, it is nearly 10 years chase and surmount. Begin from 2003, they this one research is brought into for many times early or late national “863” plan and plan of key research and development. Acerbity root of the acerbity colophony of sulphur of new structure complete fluorine that inventing, sulphur is embedded model get together film of small hole of 4 fluorine ethylene, blame is migratory macromolecule is free base temper by dipping in water destroys agent on foundation of 3 kinds of crucial raw material, through solution preparation of success of the means that make film gives the new generation that has multiple space to strengthen a network film of proton of high-powered fuel cell, whole invents content to realize a project to turn application entirely, built complete industrial chain.

20 years, their research and development and industrialization tackle key problem, broke through acid of sulphur of complete fluorine of capacity of crucial monomer, new-style tall exchange colophony, new-style enhance material, efficient additive to wait for a series of technology difficult problem, formed change equipment and industrialization technology system to the project of proton film from monomer, colophony, the batch that realizes film of proton of cell of high-powered hydrogen fuel makes equipment and applied promotion, for our country hydrogen can the strategic security that industrial development provided core key data is ensured.

Current, the relevant product of research and development already batch applies at car of cell of homebred hydrogen fuel, passed the sufficient test and verify that applies operating mode actually, system of forms technology of a complete set of reflected our country hydrogen can the core competition ability of the domain.

On the plenary meeting of innovation of science and technology that on June 20 government office of the Shandong provincial Party committee, civil administration that save a person holds, by hydrogen of Shandong Dong Yue future can material Inc. finishs independently " brand-new synthesis of acerbity polymer of complete fluorine sulphur and enhance preparation of film of proton of network and cell of high-powered hydrogen fuel " the project was to have the honor to win Shandong to save a technology to invent award of award special grade more.

   ” of commanding elevation of “ of technology of core of race to control

Acerbity colophony of complete fluorine sulphur (Nafion-H) is foregone the most powerful solid body exceed strong acid, have heat-resisting property good, chemical stability and mechanical intensity are advanced characteristic. Acerbity colophony of complete fluorine sulphur regards green solid as acerbity activator, the catalytic active with have better to a lot of reaction and alternative.

Teach the introduction according to Zhang Yongming, film of exchange of acerbity proton of complete fluorine sulphur is good conductor of a kind of pH indicator, the high polymer polymer of electronic dielectric. Because its have good machinery, hot, chemistry and electrochemistry stability, already was used at oxyhydrogen fuel cell widely, electroanalysis water preparation ozone, electroanalysis water preparation is hydric synthesize gentle style sensor to wait with oxygen, organic report.

Du Bang company develops in order to grow a catenary colophony of acerbity polymer of complete fluorine sulphur (all pledges film of fuel cell proton is the market main aspect that Nafion-H) controls for raw material. After 2010, american Gore company gets together Peng body film of small hole of 4 fluorine ethylene serves as enhance material and colophony (Nafion-H) is compound, made intensity film of proton of cell of the Nafion-H with taller, thinner ply fuel, raised the intensity of film of fuel cell proton and proton conductivity significantly.

However, develop as the ceaseless iteration of fuel cell, wait for domain application in burden car especially, high power output, macrobian life already made the development trend of proton film, polymer of proton of traditional Nafion-H series and its proton film already cannot satisfy development requirement.

The blame that project group studies to exceed film of proton of strong acid complete fluorine in development balances voice to go up into velar process foundation, reached form appearance adjusting control to undertake the system studies to exceeding synthesis of strong acid colophony, film to condense state structure and function to evolve, form system of perfect knowledge of stuff of film of the function that contain fluorine, broke through the crucial raw material, intermediate body, monomer, polymer that become film and camp of the technology that become film, built the whole world 2022 most complete exceed cable length of industry of film of strong acid proton.

Run quickly and Ford company is right the film of fuel cell proton that the place of company of research and development that the whole world that includes Du Bang company, 3M company pursues film of proton of hydrogenous fuel cell many times 10 offers undertook is as long as 10 old test, pass finally those who examine is only two, dong Yue is among them, and comprehensive strength the first, the company issues promotive certificate to offer affirmation.

   Make hydrogen can apply “ advocate core bone ”

Hydrogen can be one of basic approaches that realize ” of target of “ double carbon, already was brought into the system of new energy resources that our country has major strategy sense.

Nowadays, what project group invents is brand-new film of fuel cell proton has complete own intellectual property, and with its brand-new structure shows superior performance in cell of actual hydrogen fuel, cause wide attention of the society, get country and science and technology are in charge of sufficient affirmation of the branch.

This proton film is applied extensively at all sorts of fuel cell cars, actual travel distance exceeds 20 million kilometre, bicycle travel course of development exceeds 110 thousand kilometre, those who show be convinced making a person is high-powered with sex of on the safe side. Among them, the product of film of DMR100x series proton of the invention has been connected by cropland of boreal steam blessing, eaves passenger car (600066) , Beijing 100 million China, the unit such as science and technology of Shanghai heavy model sheds the dimensions on the different model such as car, serious check, forklift to mount car operation in car of bus, bus, content, smooth, safe, reliable, environmental protection. 2021 national treasury department, hair changes appoint, the 5 ministries and commissions such as ministry of science and technology release " the announcement that uses about beginning fuel cell car to set an example " in, the film of fuel cell proton of this invention is exclusive one participates in 5 demonstrative cities group proton film product.

Professor Zhang Yongming expresses, project group is target of research and development with realizing industrialization, the demand that industry of cell of contented country fuel expects to core material, the our country that prop up is in hydrogen can the healthy progress of the domain.

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