Petrifaction is released 28 days outstanding achievement reported first quarter 2021. Company profit ability is driving first quarter, product of quantity of oily distribute of natural gas crop, steam derv crop, finished product, chemical industry manages gross to all grow considerably compared to the same period, when season management outstanding achievement is twisted compared to the same period deficient, it may not be a bad idea 2019 level of the corresponding period. According to criterion of report of international finance affairs, this company realizes business income first quarter five hundred and seventy-six billion nine hundred and eighty-two million yuan of money (similarly hereinafter) , grow 4.1% compared to the same period; Profit of net of shareholder of vest in company is eighteen billion five hundred and forty-three million yuan, basic every accrual 0.153 yuan. According to company treasurer standard, profit of net of partner of vest in parent company is seventeen billion nine hundred and twenty-nine million yuan first quarter, basic every accrual 0.148 yuan. Financial standing is dovish, cash shedding is abundant, period end cash flows more than 198 billion yuan first quarter. In capital expenditure respect, petrifaction pays attention to investment quality and benefit first quarter, optimize investment project ceaselessly. First quarter capital expenditure 23 billion yuan, among them exploration reachs development board piece capital expenditure 9 billion yuan, basically produce with the natural gas such as Yu Fuling, power flourish can build, the crude oil such as this world of suitable north, aid is produced can construction and Tianjin LNG2 period, Shandong LNG2 period construction; Oil refining board piece capital expenditure 7.6 billion yuan, basically use at structural adjustment of Anqing oil refining, the refine that press down the sea changes the project construction such as extend; Sale and cent are sold board piece capital expenditure 2.9 billion yuan, basically use at oil of facilities of station of station of gas station, air entrainment, integrated the sources of energy, storage, blame to taste the project construction such as business; Chemical board piece capital expenditure 1.8 billion yuan, basically use the harbor austral Yu Zhenhai, Tianjin, Amuer the project construction such as PTA of natural gas chemical industry, Shanghai is big bundle of carbon fiber, appearance ask forring; Expenditure of headquarters etc capital 1.7 billion yuan, basically use at scientific research device and informatization construction. Petrifaction high level expresses, the company will wish around what make company of chemical industry of banner and clean energy scene target, drive form “ one base both wings situation of industry of 3 new ” , accelerate advance transition of the sources of energy, industry to upgrade, plan during 945 ” of “ layout 1000 hydrogenation station, fill 5000 times change power station of power station, 7000 distributed Guang Fufa to nod, make report of hydrogen of “ oil gas take ” integrated the sources of energy to serve trader, promote development of company high quality. Below the big setting that in carbon the carbon that amount to a peak counteracts, petrifaction will be adamantine march toward clean 0 discharge, ensure before carbon amounts to peak target implementation carbon dioxide amounts to a peak, strive to shifted to an earlier date 10 years to realize carbon to counteract than the target 2050, to answer climate change makes new contribution.

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15-18 December

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