Maigena announced its are located in the United States to rest closely recently the new production factory of city of Er of Clay of root city emperor already break earth, this factory will be Maigena brand-new completely dynamoelectric and super lorry makes horse of bold of 2022 edition GMC the batteries crust of complex structure. Maigena pledges composite material pledges with a variety of material development steel, will aluminously, gently component of compound form a complete set, in order to satisfy personalized requirement of the client. This covers an area of 345000 square foot factory name is accept of “ Mai Ge company of electric car construction (Magna Electric Vehicle Structures) ” , investment exceeds 70 million dollar, predict to be able to be in future provides station of 300 many works inside 5 years. Automobile body of wheat case accept and chassis business child John Farrell of president of company of enterprise Cosma International expresses: “ promotes this kind of new batteries crust technology to the market it is Maigena can offer whole system solution to car manufacturer another paradigmatic. The process that marchs toward electrification makes we think afresh, how to use our core dominant position, receive and conquer a few enormous challenges, continue to bring the solution of innovation for the client, help them achieve the goal that decrease a platoon. ”Maigena has been passed as thermoplastic as Ford combination production deputy frame of door of composite material end, engine and the composite material that produce in Austria compressed the successful case such as natural gas storage tank to prove the company is in the ability of composite material respect; The company still built composite material in Germany outstanding center, building a joint ventures with boreal steam group. New plant predicts will at the put into production at the beginning of 2022, this factory will become Maigena to be in Mixiegen the plant of the 25th production of the city.

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15-18 December

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