The intermediary outside occupying reports, chicago of university of Yi Linuo Yi divides the researcher of school to use black lead Xi successfully- - one of foregone and solid, weak data- - detect in lab test SARS-CoV-2 virus. Researcher says, this one discovery may be new coronal virus detects a breakthrough of the respect, apply at antagonism COVID-19 and its mutation likely. In the experiment, the black lead Xi that researcher has ply stamp 1/1000 only piece aim to be aimed at the notorious thorn on new coronal virus with a kind dash forward the antibody photograph of candy albumen is united in wedlock. Next they measured these black lead Xi piece the atomic class when the COVID positive in contacting artificial saliva and COVID electronegative example is oscillatory. When with COVID-19 positive example is handled, xi of antibody coupling black lead piece vibration produced change, but when with COVID-19 negative example or virus of other coronal shape are handled, did not change. The oscillatory change that the equipment that calls Lamanguang chart appearance with a kind measures is apparent inside 5 minutes. Their discovery was published in on June 15, 2021 " ACS Nano " on the magazine. The method with clear better need comes to “ society detect with accurate ground quickly COVID and its are aberrant, this research brings real change likely. The sensitivity that the sensor after reforming has height to COVID and alternative, and speed fast, cost is low. The senior writer Vikas Berry of ” this paper says. Xi of black lead of ” of “ magical material has distinctive property, make its have high versatility, make the sensor of this kind of type becomes a possibility. Is black lead Xi a kind with Sp? Miscellaneous change connective carbon atom to pile up cheek by jowl monolayer the new material of structure of crystal lattice of shape of 2 dimension beehive. Carbolic atom is united in wedlock together through chemical bond, its flexibility and motion can produce resonance vibration, also be called phonon, can measure accurately. Should resemble SARS-CoV-2 member such element and black lead Xi when interaction, it with a kind very specific change these resonance vibration with the means that can quantify. Researcher says, the potential application of sensor of atomic class of black lead Xi- - from detect COVID arrives to ALS cancer- - continue to expand. Black lead Xi applies material of rice of accept of     carbon mediumly to having normally in electrochemistry sensor compare exterior accumulating, admirable conductivity and biology consistence high, this satisfied electrochemistry faultlessly to pass the requirement of feeling material. And the typical delegate that black lead Xi regards the material with carbon element that has tremendous latent capacity as, already by fair consider as outstanding electrochemistry to transmit feeling data. Complete scholars are undertaking study to black lead Xi, undoubted this has inestimable tremendous effect to the development of electrochemistry sensor. Complex matter decorates the rice of accept of Xi of Ni-NP / black lead that the person such as Wang uses a preparation electrode detects dextrose, through complex composite material decorates new-style accept rice to go up in electrode, undertook a series of optimizing to experimental condition, the result shows this sensor detects be restricted low, sensitivity is tall. In addition, still undertook disturbing an experiment to this sensor, this electrode shows good interference rejection performance to uric acid. The person preparation such as Ma be based on bubble of Xi of 3D black lead / the electrochemistry sensor of CuO of rice of beautiful state offer, this sensor can be used at the detecting of ascorbic acid directly, and sensitivity is tall, answer speed splitting, answer time to be less than 3s, this kind detects quickly the electrochemistry sensor of ascorbic acid has huge application latent capacity, the development that hopeful uses actually further. The person such as Li synthesized Xi of black lead of adulteration of thiophene sulfur homogeneous phase, the small hole of the form of surface of black lead Xi that adulterates through abounding S, preparation much cling to amine electrochemistry sensor. This are new-style sensor is right much cling to amine is shown not only very strong alternative, can remove the interference of ascorbic acid, and have good sensitivity, good line sexual relationship is shown inside 0.20~12μM limits, detect be restricted to be 0.015μM. The person such as Liu synthesized oxidation inferior the composite material of cube of cupreous accept rice and black lead Xi, decorate electrode to go up, preparation a kind of new-style electrochemistry sensor, this sensor can realize opposite oxidation hydrogen and dextrose detect, and have good linear limits and detect be restricted. The person such as Guo synthesized the composite material of Namijin and black lead Xi successfully, those who carry this kind of composite material decorate, compose built sensor of electrochemistry of a kind of new-style isoniazid, this electrochemistry sensor is opposite of isoniazid in detecting, show detect goodly be restricted and admirable sensitivity. Brief summary: In the experiment of article begin, it is to used a kind of antibody to revise black lead Xi, substantial, calibration it is pricked with SARS-CoV-2 only dash forward candy albumen reaction. Use this kind of method, black lead Xi can be used likewise detect COVID-19 is aberrant. Current, black lead Xi applies extensively in material chemistry domain and the advantage is clear: If black lead Xi and its ramification are a lot of important constituent that synthesize activator, apply extensively at the activator of chemical, electrochemistry or optical reaction, the carbolic qualitative carrier that perhaps serves as the activator that is used at material of rice of accept of to load metal, oxide, enzymatic or other carbon; In addition, black lead Xi also made the new-style preparation material of batteries material, inorganic material, capacitor.

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