Spring Festival holiday also is traditional consumptive golden week. Be in Guangdong Shenzhen, this year during the Spring Festival, does the car consume market condition how? What new change does car price have? The reporter visited car of Shenzhen much home to sell 4S inn to understand, restore what supply as chip in succession, during the Spring Festival, many luxurious brand already appeared no longer the one car last year requests an appearance hard, having on terminal price however relatively substantially privilege, this also lets many brands clinch a deal measure occurrence increase sharply. Shenzhen city gallop Dong Peng of general manager of limited company of service of treasure car sale: During traditional Spring Festival, buy demand the conference is a bit bigger, because the problem of chip has alleviated, the supply of the car will be a few more abundant, demand also gets releasing. Individual model can be achieved 5% to the privilege of 7% , major store achieved the record making a car with tall history, sales volume relatively in former years promotes 1.5 times the left and right sides. And with luxurious car market condition differs, car of new energy resources carries car cycle longer still, and as fall off of allowance of car of new energy resources, biyadi, small roc, the look forward to of car of partial new energy resources such as which Zha already announced to rise in price. In the meantime, the reporter understands, did not come or will models of more and more new energy resources are joined rise in price in the team. Go up steam masses Shenzhen praise fir of Tian Sha of the general manager that become store: Annulus was compared January last year December, sales volume promotion is 30%-50% about. New energy resources is whole automobile industry should meet those who have distinct range to rise. Should begin March, waiting for the announcement with specific manufacturer at present. Price of car of new energy resources goes high not only, sales volume also innovates again tall, car of many new energy resources realized make a good beginning, ideal, small roc, consign measured which Zha to be 12 thousand respectively in January, 13 thousand, 11 thousand, add compared to the same period fast it is respectively 128% , 115% , 402% . Go to price of car of new henceforth energy resources situation, the personage inside course of study thinks, rise of fall off and raw material cost considerably as allowance, price of car of short-term new energy resources or will continue to keep smooth, but alleviate for deserveding as raw material, the price or will somewhat fall after a rise. Investment of Shenzhen city banyan manages limited company to study the ministry is in charge of Li Shixian: The price of the carbonic acid lithium of the upper reaches of dynamical cell from 2021 50 thousand yuan first go up every tons to this year 350 thousand yuan of the beginning of the year every tons, went up 7 times. But produce progressively be born as the enlarge of material factory, the pattern of whole supply and demand can get clear improvement, rising in price is short-term phenomenon only.

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