On November 20, fine promote report of 2 maritime wind to send labour Cheng Zaiping formal put into production runs the lake. Be about to merge into at the same time fine those who promote electrified wire netting fine promote Si of 1 date, Sheng after project of 2 wind cable also was entered debug level. 3 person comprised long triangle to be in greatly jointly establish group of maritime wind cable, how to contain in all group of 188 typhoons electric machinery, total installed capacity achieves 1 million kilowatt. Predict and net the year after next is carried but n of second birth the sources of energy amounts to 2.524 billion kilowatt hour, can satisfy 1.06 million 5 homes one year with report, annual but managing standard coal 798 thousand tons, reduce carbon dioxide to discharge 1.74 million tons. This is indicating my province is formal cross “ of project of maritime wind cable times of ” of 1 billion made of baked clay class, compose the full new page that low carbon of green the sources of energy grows. Fine promote project of cable of 2 maritime wind to be located in Hangzhou bay fine the maritime space that start city, installed capacity of wind electric field is 300MW, include generation set of made of baked clay wind-force of 50 6 million in all. Fine promote 301.2MW of capacity of aircraft of general assembly of project of cable of a maritime wind, total on November 21 capacity and the net is successful. The project always invests about 5.339 billion yuan, install 74 typhoons machine in all. Sheng Si 400MW of capacity of aircraft of general assembly of electric field of 2 maritime wind, plan to build group of electric machinery of 67 6.0MW wind, the project plans to always invest about 7.22 billion yuan.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City