Evening will issue long sea share on July 6 outstanding achievement is premonitory first half of the year, the company predicts gain interval reachs 270 million yuan for 230 million yuan first half of the year, than going up growth of year of the corresponding period 85.81% to 118.12% . The company shows, the main factor that affects outstanding achievement growth includes: The corresponding period sufferred effect of new coronal epidemic situation last year, company domestic and international business is begun be differred the influence of degree, outstanding achievement base is relatively inferior; Additional, our country economy moves to be stabilized continuously restore, tall boom of Bo fine industry continues, domestic and international fibre glass and goods market demand are exuberant, sale price rises together, manufacturing efficiency promotes significantly. The company predicts blame is regular the influence of increase and decrease to net profit reachs 38 million yuan for 32 million yuan, go up blame of year of the corresponding period is regular net profit and loss is seven million seven hundred and sixty-one thousand six hundred yuan. Before this, in growing sea share announcement to be contented company, long-term development strategy is mixed produce can the need of layout, draft investment to build intelligence of 600 thousand tons of high-powered fibre glass to make base item, include 4 to produce per year kiln of pool of fine of 150 thousand tons of Bo to draw filar product line cent period is carried out. After project building, long sea share is existing can will receive further extension, extended the applied domain of the product at the same time, especially wind report domain, industrial catenary layout will be perfected further.

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15-18 December

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