Carbon fiber composite material is the composite material with superior performance, main characteristic is weight light, intensity is high, fatigue resistance is good. Because its are machined high temperature resistantly, anti-corrosively, easily,wait for character additionally, be used extensively at each domains such as traffic of aerospace, orbit, car, medical treatment, unmanned aircraft. Ao Lin this state

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Although the cost price of carbon fiber composite material is relatively high, but the long-term benefit that its bring is to not allow to ignore absolutely. Lighter self-prossessed mean fewer specific power consumption, solidder anticorrosive material is meant character low uphold charge, in longer operation cycle, over the cardinal number that changes in dimensions, this kind sees the beneficial result that appears very little accumulate rise enough is surprising.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Component of composite material of carbon fiber of technology of equipment of 1 autoclave solidify shapes the method has a lot of kinds, among them technology of equipment of solidify of composite material autoclave is application of fiber composite material more, shape for a common kind means. Why should use this kind of technology? Because technology of equipment of solidify of composite material autoclave is designing flexibility respect excel other shape method, but an organic whole shapes structure complex, bulk, model the product with area larger size. 2 production designs are custom-built the autoclave that Aolinsibangke provides a variety of specification such as φ0.6*8m, φ2.55*6m, φ3.2*8m, the experiment trial-produce of different measurement goods and dimensions produce contented and broad client, begin from blueprint proceed with of the client, offer structural design, technology design, CAE to emulate computation for the client, mould design development, appearance a complete set of that development produces to the quantity serves. Answer material workshop has perfect carbolic fine goods to run a group, the production of research and development of a series of products has professional talented person accuse to manage with strict and orderly process.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Aolinsi state inheritance innovates, new journey, new start, the design of goods of dedicated carbon fiber and research and development, devote oneself to development of a variety of component of advanced composite material and plan, make in order to answer traffic of spaceflight aviation, auto industry, orbit, machinery, the challenge of the domain such as machinery of medical apparatus and instruments, spin. Beg with science and technology live, seek progress with quality, quantity body is custom-built product of carbon fiber composite material, those who load an industry is light the road that quantifies an industry to upgrade, craftsmanship is made, pursuit is outstanding, increase research and development and application, send in order to ingenuity first heart, excelsior, character is our gold-lettered signboard.

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