On April 18, “ electromagnetism exceeds material technology and ” of goods standardization committee (mark of “ of the following abbreviation appoint meeting ” ) year job conference opens 709 base to hold in light.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Shenzhen light opens advanced manage to be versed in   of of academy dean Liu Repeng makes public a data to show, exceeding material is the exceeds constant physics property artificial and complex structure that points to a few to natural stuff place is not had or composite material, the material that broke through a tradition devises an idea, the design that adopts the ordered structure on material physics measure directly will obtain equivalent apparent function. And these function often are traditional material too far behind to catch up with. Exceed the character with superior material and revolutionary application foreground, drew attention, become current and popular, get one of forward position technologies that fix eyes upon. Exceed material technology research and development to start later, but supporting energetically and below each honest effort, overtake data industry development is swift and violent in recent years, by “ lab research ” is advanced successfully apply ” to “ industrialization, exceed material to apply extensively at domain of many sophisticated equipment. Regard a burgeoning deepness across as course, exceed material confluence physics, chemical, electromagnetism, integrated circuit, mechanical, material and equipment are made wait for relatively giant technology system. On November 5, 2013, what “ electromagnetism exceeds material technology and ” of goods standardization committee is formal hold water, the mark is worn exceed material to enter standard system to establish period. 2016, by Shenzhen the manage such as Guang Qigao is versed in the academy is drafted " electromagnetism exceeds material technical terms " carry out formally, make a level that exceeds material domain, established at the same time precede in the international that exceeds material technology research and standard to change position. A few years short time, in Shenzhen the grain industry academy such as Guang Qigao, light opens the unit collective cooperation such as the technology to fall, mark appoint can obtain span type develops, in exceeded the domain such as material technical terms, label, current standard to all realize competence region to approve a standard, the scientific research domain that is not mark transforms gradually the industry field that has certain level standard, this also is meant in exceed the stride on material industrialization road one stride, had become regular constitutor gradually. Shenzhen light opens advanced manage to be versed in Zhao Zhiya of academy assistant dean discloses, up to by 2020, by mark appoint can be in charge of 3 putting in grade level a total of the mouth 's charge, it is respectively " electromagnetism exceeds material technical terms " , " airborne exceed material antenna to overspread current standard " and " airborne suck wave exceed material current standard " , among them hind two are to exceed material domain to approve a product current standard, begin to carry out at rising on January 1, 2020. Of this series standard carry out formally, will exceed data standard system soundly further, prop up to exceed data estate development to offer necessary technology.

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15-18 December

New York City