Basis " public of environmental impact assessment shares measure " (department of zoology environment ministry makes the 4th, apply since January 1, 2019) wait for relevant requirement, to Cheng ambitious science and technology develops (Liaoning) project of limited company construction undertakes second environment affects an evaluation information is public show, through fair show, project construction may affect the public inside area to build a circumstance to understand somewhat to the project, understand social community to be opposite the manner of this project and proposal, those who accept social community supervise. Build an unit: Cheng ambitious science and technology develops (Liaoning) property of project of   of limited company: Build   to build a place:   builds development of economy of island of celestial being of city of mouth of Liaoning province camp content: This project is build a project, the project basically builds product line of potassium sulfate of graceful sea Mu 2, mix into confuses fertilizer product line 1, product line of extruding grain potassium sulfate 1, product line of annulus oxygen chloric propane 1, form a complete set builds the establishment such as auxiliary, environmental protection. After the project is built, main product is potassium sulfate 100 thousand tons / year, deputy produce chloric propane of oxygen of glycerine law annulus 30 thousand tons / year. Time of predicting put into production: The end of the year was amounted to 2021 produce

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