Recently, LG is chemical already with Weiliya R&E collaboration reclaims with ensuring methylic acrylic acid armour ester (the stability of MMA) is supplied, contented LG chemistry produces transparent propylene nitrile - butadiene - styrene (ABS) colophony. LG chemistry will reclaim MMA protects LETZero of high grade brand with Yu Jihuan production of transparent ABS resinous, supply home appliance and IT company. Market personage predicts, predict to the demand of transparent ABS the agreement from this year 270 thousand tons / year growth goes to about 360 thousand tons of 2026 / year, year all increase rate exceeds 6% . IHS Markit is forecasted, the quantity of total demand of ABS of all this year grade is 10.1 million tons / year, to 2026, year all increase rate is 5.2% .

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