Recently, the market supervises administrative total bureau (standardization management committee) print and distribute " republican standard announcement " (2021 the 3rd) , approval releases " annulus of internal-combustion engine piston the 4th part: Quality requirement " wait to recommend sexual level 362 times, among them, the standard of industry of building materials putting in a mouth 's charge shares 21 (see subordinate list) . Occupation standard belongs to issuance building materials more the test of the new material domain such as glass of high-powered fiber and composite material, function, advanced ceramics, artificial crystal evaluates kind of standard, will conduce to solve product of our country new material to examine the test evaluates index according to abhorrent, token link of evaluation of skimble-scamble, application compares the problem such as weakness, at the same time test of product of new to perfecting our country also material evaluates standard system, promote new material product to promotion applies and be accelerated urge our country strategical the respect such as development of new material estate produces positive effect. Housing materials federation is in charge of a branch to concern active organization mark each as the standard appoint the meeting, unit that draft and enterprise make good standard a surname seriously be linked together works and comply with is carried out, dog regularly circumstance of standard executive effect, begin a standard to carry out the effect to evaluate, edit for next standards lay good foundation, security of trade of the building materials that help strength, high quality develops.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City