Weisidasi will not come in Germany Mei Gang's Fulaoenhuofu institute of wind energy system (IWES) new test platform checks his V236-15MW sea is windward electric machinery, at present this experiment platform still is in construction, but as we have learned, 120 meters lamina can exceed to have a test to length after building, in the light of Weisidasi the test of 15MW aircrew lamina also will build junior travel at the lab. Test and Christian Fenselau of chief of branch of test and verify express Weisidasi: We expect “ with Fulaoenhuofu IWES together, it is 236 meters V236-15.0MW prototype machine to undertake blade checks to our impeller diameter, in order to ensure its can undertake 2024 batch is produced. ”It is reported, lamina of group of windward electric machinery is as long as sea of V236-15MW of dimension Si Dasi 115.5 meters, make the fan blade that grows at present. Note: Fulaoenhuofu (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft) headquarters is located in Germany, association makes an appointment with husband of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument with German scientist, inventor and entrepreneur · Feng · Fulaoenhuofu (Joseph Von Fraunhofer) the name names, it is the banner organization that faces applied process research.

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