Recently, the joint-stock contract that Shanghai petrifaction and Ba Ling petrifaction sign is formal become effective. According to contract content, shanghai petrifaction with cash means contributive 400 million yuan, ba Ling petrifaction also with cash means contributive 400 million yuan, bilateral each hold is joint-stock company the rights and interests of 50% .

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Joint-stock company name is limited company of new material of Ba Ling of Shanghai golden hill, register capital to be 800 million yuan, basically be engaged in styrene kind thermoplastic elastomer (the production of TPS) new material and its raw material, semifinished product, by-product and sale. The SBC with active area of Hua Dong of this joint-stock company press close to consumes the market, conduce to a company optimizing area resource configuration, expand chain of downstream data industry, promotion firm is in business seat is integrated competition ability. It is reported, ba Ling petrifaction is subject petrifaction group company, it is with oil refine is “ bibcock ” , manufacturing synthetic rubber, synthesis organise of etc of plastic, synthetic fibre is versed in the enterprise of especially big petrifaction of the product, it is styrene of butadiene of domestic big styrene embeds paragraph of copolymer (personal ketone produces amine of the acyl inside SBS) , epoxy resin, oneself and commodity annulus enterprise, year manufacturing gross 4 million tons. Shanghai petrifaction is petrochemical controls share company, it is one of companies of big unifinication of oil refining chemical industry, also be base of home's principal finished product oil, intermediate petrochemical, synthetic resin and synthetic fibre production. In recent years, construction of focusing of Ba Ling petrifaction precedes development of chemical data business wishs scene, ba Ling of development of Ba Ling of clear “ base oneself upon, walk out of Ba Ling to develop Ba Ling ” to develop the strategy, exert oneself does real chemical industry oil refining and coal aerification foundation of 2 raw material, make amine of the acyl inside strong oneself, synthetic rubber (styrene kind thermoplastic elastomer) , epoxy resin 3 old stuff, make choice new material of chemical industry of high additional cost, hydric new energy resources. The styrene that catchs give an official this kind thermoplastic elastomer (golden hill) the project always invests even more 2.8 billion yuan, whole set of the SBS that uses Ba Ling petrifaction to have own intellectual property, SEBS, SIS manufactures a technology, construction produces per year 250 thousand tons of styrene kind thermoplastic elastomer device, include to produce per year 140 thousand tons of SBS, produce per year 50 thousand tons of SEBS and produce per year device of 60 thousand tons of SIS. After project of two SBC of Hainan and Shanghai builds, styrene of Ba Ling petrifaction kind thermoplastic elastomer year productivity will amount to 800 thousand tons.

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