On Feburary 25, fiber handles company of Si Jinpu of expert England peaceful to announce, in large size, linear model the successive high speed of composite material component twines technical respect to achieve major breakthrough, rolled out new much axis to twine equipment, contented industry estimates yield need. New facility runs shape component research and development for ditty face, light angle only, applied product includes plane ala bridge, prevent bump profile of etc of structural member, conduit. New facility used the design concept of static core model, cricoid twister but 1) along orbit the around on the linear direction in core model moves; 2) do for the axis with core model surround motion, model changeful geometrical appearance with this law, twine methodological photograph with the tradition quite more than the advantage. One of, the choice of core model material is more multiple. In conventional technology, core model is in high speed to rotate condition, oneself material must enough and strong and produce deformation not easily; In new technology, core model is in static condition, can choose more the material with applicable economy (for example bubble and candle) a future life is produced bigger lighter core standard. Twine after finishing, even if takes core pattern park part inside, also won't produce too much effect to weight. Secondly, the dimension of twister becomes handicap no longer. In conventional technology, the dimension of twister and core model must as comfortable as product measure photograph match. This imply consider should produce 10 meters long part, want to make a 10 meters long twister and coequal length finish the core model that won't produce deformation because of rotating first. Such doorsill lets numerous enterprise be terrified by the sight of sth or sb; In new technology, core model is in static condition, cricoid twister can move freely, theoretic can pass one-time twine continuously, production takes up the post of the answer ability part of meaning length. Thirdly, winding rate promotion comes new standard. Experimental data makes clear, in rotate speed of 500mm of core model diameter, swivel 60 / below the condition of cent, of new facility prototype twine rate to be 1kg carbon fiber / minute. “ is known according to me, still have no inside course of study other can to it the technology of compare. ”Technical manager Andy Whitham expresses Taisijinpu. Its 4, twister can install many swivel, to / work at the same time reversely. This is meant can need according to the product, undertake with different fiber angle multilayer twine. With manufacturing structure and tradition braid structural photograph to compare, stiffness is approximate, but drape is fewer. “ if will with guide automatically bring cooperation of carriage car, robot to lade carry system and battlements of the code that pack the system is united in wedlock together, formed a finished manufacturing unit, become fiber treatment directly eventually goods. ”In the meantime, this new-style twine equipment to still can satisfy industry the requirement of 4, installation uses appearance of meet an emergency, component to monitor system and radio frequency to identify tag.

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