In the production of the carapace end gear-box oil, polyamide is in the light simple structure, function that reduces cost is compositive with design flexibility respect, have a lot of advantages than armor plate or die-casting aluminium. Accordingly, in recent years, polyamide 66 be in especially these are large note model wide application received in batch production. However, polyamide 6 also suit this one utility very much, this can see from inside more and more application. For example the carapace end the gear-box oil that near future IBS Filtran GmbH produces, it is car of new generation of each car manufacturer the one part of automatic gear-box, you Langcheng's Durethan BKV35H2.0 is made. The Babak Talebloo of big client manager of Lang Cheng IBS Filtran says: "The development side that IBS Filtran and Lang Cheng are taking part of the oil path that use a car is having long-term and successful collaboration to concern. One of window that we cooperate were to develop paragraph car plastic gear-box is oily base case. "  shrinkage is low, solder easily explanation of Christof Boden of plastic component expert says oil path of car of   Lang Cheng: “ in the polyamide that new transmission case uses us in oily base case 6 have two main factors. The key that it satisfied concerned hear resistance and oil resistant sex, tenacity and exterior quality asks, and than any congener polyamide 66 want petty gain much. ”The oil resistant sex of 6 mixes the polyamide that IBS Filtran emphasizes the short fibre glass that considered to use 35% weight to increase hear resistance. The wear test that has in all sorts of gear-box oil of 150°C makes clear, in ageing respect, it and congener polyamide 66 without distinction. In fact, the impact resistance of 6 mixes polyamide rupture percentage elongation is close friends a few, this states the carapace end gear-box oil can answer rock bits better. The outstanding surface quality that this compound can realize is another advantage. For example, what these outstanding surface character of area conduce to washerbed down the livestock is good all round gasket of oily base case the job. Polyamide 6 still show lesser shrinkage, this also has similar effect, because it can reduce warp. This stuff is good but weldability is his another advantage. The means that solders through vibration and join of main body of oily base case are together the inner casing of engine oil filter. "Welding line shows tremendous strength, because this can bear reliably,press force. "Boden says. Polyamide the supply of 66 problem   is in in going 3 years, polyamide 66 prices rise ceaselessly, main reason is the main product that makes this material oneself 2 Xi nitrile is in short supply, and below certain circumstance supply is not worth. The manufacturer that this also makes oily service and plastic component is searched more economic material benefit, more reliable polyamide the substitute of 66. As a result of polyamide 6 have similar character, because this is a kind await select material feasibly to expect. "Besides car gear-box gear-box outside oily base case, we see lorry gear-box is oily increasingly lid of amiable crock lid uses base case to 6 batch produce polyamide and be developed. "Boden explanation says. Lang Chengyi of the   inside the limits that more product adds oil path component is enlarging his to be used at the polyamide series of car oil path continuously. Among them new addition product has Durethan ECOBKV30H2.0, ECOBKV35H2.0 and ECOBKV60XF. In these 3 kinds of polyamide in 6 compound, the regenerated fiber that makes with useless glass is occupied respectively 30% , 35% with the weight of 60% , detect independently company Ecocycle used mass balance law to detect the secondary material content in every kinds of compound, and according to ISO 14021:2016 issued Ecloop letter. Place of Boden of no less than says: "Carry these products, industry of automobile of our follow closely increases use reclaim the trend of material. "The example of another new in oil path application is the polyamide of XTS series. XTS is the abbreviate of Xtreme Temperature Stabilization, emphasized thermal endurance of this compound superhigh, can amount to 230 ℃ high. "Boden explanation says: "For example, they can be used at those to install catalytic converter the vehicle transmission case around gear-box on oily base case, higher thermic load bears during this brings about the carapace end gear-box oil to handle interval in exhaust. Use these compound to need not install flowguide to protect the carapace end gear-box oil to avoid the need that suffers high temperature effect. "The   of HiAnt client service with comprehensive   serves through its HiAnt project, HPM provided the overall support that the carapace end gear-box oil develops for IBS Filtran. Below this brand, this business section combines his to develop the professional knowledge of the respect in product, application, program and technology, assistance and client cooperate. For example, the crucial and laden circumstance of case of oily to gear-box gear-box base undertook HPM imitate, be like rock bits. The service that it provides still includes the test of pair of finished product components, if involve the test of rock bits and gear-box oily deposit.

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