A few days ago, lamina of report of one heavy wind makes foundation stone laying ceremony of project start working be held ceremoniously in industrial garden area, king of vice secretary of municipal Party committee of neat Qi Haer, acting mayor is firm, wu Yu of deputy mayor of municipal government of neat Qi Haer, Qi Qi breaths out Sun Heng of deputy mayor of Er municipal government, investment of construction of city of Heilongjiang province crane develops wave of Lihong of president of group limited company, general manager, secretary of Party committee of limited company of academy of glass reinforced plastics of Zhang Biao of vice-president of Inc. of group of cable of Shanghai electric wind, Shanghai is tall Guo Hangfeng of assistant dean of courtyard of industry of company of Yi civilian, combination, rich Laerji trifling appoint clerical Wang Xuefeng, rich Laerji classify, and Liu Mingzhong of group company leader, Sui Bingli, Liu Wenjun is collective brandish shovel earth up, indicate formal start builds a project. Wind report lamina makes garden area project cover an area of 351006 square metre, predict end will have equipment to install a condition this year in October, put into production of plan the end of the year is used. This project is Qiqihaer catenary of industry of equipment of city wind phone is outspread the significant gain of development, indicate catenary of entire industry of industry of city wind cable develops a Qiqihaer strode new historical level. Liu Mingzhong publishs a speech on start working foundation stone laying ceremony. He says, lamina of report of wind of city of neat neat Hal makes garden area item, what make chain of wind cable entire industry as exert oneself is important filling catenary project, it is base oneself upon new development phase, carry out new development concept, blend in new development pattern, advance but equipment of technology of second birth energy and the act of another deal with concrete matters relating to work that new energy resources develops entire industry catenary to build, also be dominant position of rich market of natural resources of energy of production advantage of market company technology and neat neat Ha Erxin, another vivid practice that promotes confluence of deepness of ground look forward to. Lamina of report of wind of city of neat neat Hal makes the start working of garden area project lay a foundation, core of equipment of technology of new to report of aggrandizement promotion wind energy resources is made and overall ability of form a complete set, form have apparent area the sense of group of industry of contemporary energy equipment of the advantage is great. Liu Mingzhong expresses, will hold to a deepness to participate in local economy to build the main job that expands as the enterprise again, according to “ efforts of small core, big platform, small capital fund, energy, get together talent ” principle, with this project construction is chance, drive blame core actively to make link spill over, breed drive our city industry downstream company grows quickly on catenary, spin further expand catenary of this locality industry supplies chain, drive confluence of deepness of ground look forward to to develop. In the meantime, with Shanghai academy of glass reinforced plastics of group of electric wind cable, Shanghai is entered in all hand in hand, strive to be built as soon as possible become country modernization of advanced lamina of onshore wind report, specialization production base, advance stoutly fulfil Qiqihaer to make chain of wind cable entire industry overall planning, machine of outfit of report of wind of preferential and contented our city demand of market of 5.5 million kilowatt. In addition, grab catch clean the sources of energy to expand opportunity, raise level of equipment of new energy resources, develop wind cable market jointly, be in actively research and development of project development, technology, equipment is made wait for a domain to spread out comprehensive and thorough collaboration, accelerate advance a project to build, revitalize in the round for Qiqihaer all-around revitalize high quality development to make new larger contribution, celebrate with outstanding achievement hold water 100 years. Manuscript | Meter see the New Year in

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