On November 19, the of great capacity of pure Bo fine that can own research and development designs Ming Yangzhi and creates is windward electric 94A1 lamina is one-time through full measure static force checks, make blade of fine of long pure Bo so far. 94A1 lamina is applied to exceed I kind wind area, can bear 70m/s of instantaneous wind speed, have the outstanding gene that defy a table, will apply at platform of MySE8.X of intelligence of bright this world. 94A1 blade profile used new design, new data, there also is a lot of innovation on the structure, aim to realize blade low cost, high electricenergy production, Gao Ke to rely on a gender through technical innovation. In data side, this lamina is used new-style fine of high standard Bo pulls crowded material to regard blade as girder, difficulty of technology of the stiffness inadequacy that broke through lamina of fine of traditional perfusion Bo to design place to be faced with, heavy generous, in the meantime, the adoption of innovation sex is odd the means of pair of celiac board union, reduced blade to create difficulty, great also reduced whole set the load of each component and cost. In structural respect, 94A1 lamina uses Ming Yangzhi's can advanced wing section a group of things with common features, generate electricity in order to make sure blade is efficient efficiency; The pneumatic that own research and development raised on blade is covered, make wing section rises block smaller than effect of predestined relationship of taller, end, promote wing section pneumatic efficiency; Through Ming Yangzhi the lamina of can own development designs platform, with trends of blade weight, lamina Cp serves as crucial index, blade gas plays stability to regard strong tie as the condition, find actor automatically, bridge of reasonable distributinging girder, tailing edge, enhance layer and core material lay up, in order to ensure the tall effect of the safety of blade structure and raw material is used, fall blade cost to low, for aircrew complete lifecycle dependability moves provide puissant safeguard. Regard the leader that home has catenary of complete lamina industry exclusively as business, ming Yangzhi can be made in blade research and development, design, the respect such as craft has distinct advantage. Future, ” of big lamina of “ of union of ” of machine of gale of half straight drive will be “ high-power maritime aircrew makes personalized solution.

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15-18 December

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