Design life according to 20 years computative, the unit of cable of a batch of wind that joins movement early has entered ” of “ old age in succession, a few project is faced with “ to retire ” . According to statistic, 2020 - between 2030, will more than 33000 aircrew are greeted retire period. Face strict with each passing day litter to handle a provision, and the outfit machine demand that expands flourishingly, wind cable industry this what course to follow? Weisidasi is exploring the way of an effective, or will affect whole production industry. Fill bury processing to will be banned? With fill the pattern processing that bury to retire blade will exit historical arena gradually. Recently, wind Europe of association of European wind energy appeals whole Europe bans the pattern processing that buries with filling to retire fan lamina. Hot solid sex composite material, one kind reclaims tall plastic, it is the crux of the problem of whole issue. Fan lamina basically originallies by heat composite material makes the gender, will be in as large quantities of wind electric field reach long design service life in the near future, subsequently and the lamina that come retires the influence with tremendous generation of wet certainly will. It is important that concerned lamina fills the ban that buries processing to will make wind energy industry is stridden on the way that can develop continuously not only one pace, also bring unique opportunity for manufacturing industry, make its can follow the experience of wind energy industry, need not feel stone to cross a river again. The circular economy of whole manufacturing industry still is in start level, undertake handling to litter often namely intractable cost is high. Filling those who bury ban impetus to advance below, manufacturer people must solidarity. The circular economy that if should be made,matures, reduce whole reclaim the cost of flow, make reclaim eventually mode gradual progress becomes the commercial example —— that has appeal to cross a domain to cooperate is only way. Circular sex, true value   is changed and of character, to can solve fan value catenary continuously medium litter produces a problem, we need to think a bit more further, prep so far as exceeds blade to retire, even the category of wind energy industry. In whole manufacturing industry, devote into as more and more industry head enterprises at retiring a knock off of composite material make, we can make a stability can answer recover to add up to material to supply chain, reduce the cost in flow. Of course, mature circular market is not eventually target, should be regarded as compose to build can last truly a measure in industrial process. Can reclaim material is in demote in reclaiming process, every time recycle can lose one share value, push the issue of litter management further in the future. To ensure the value that produces material is real keep is in every use cycle, we need to establish a feasible circular economy pattern in production domain compose. Industry will rely on two crucial mechanisms circularly: Trade feasible circular technology, and the technical application with production current trade. The CETEC project that announces nearly, take the lead by Weisidasi, retire in order to solve of blade reclaim the problem is wish scene, it is a sex of research hot firm composite material is new-style the project of industrialization of circular sex technology. This solution heats up solid sex through be opposite composite material has chemical circulation, make its comprise material to be able to apply at new fan lamina afresh. In whole manufacturing industry more employ this one solution widely, will heat up solid sex quickly substantially greatly the feasible loop sex of composite material, can last what generation nots allow to ignore meaning. Can serve as as composite material can circulate the component applies at industrial domain, the demand that produces primitive and chemical part will decrease, subsequently and come, the resource that produces these parts is used up also decrease accordingly. CETEC project solution is employed in industry limits, will ensure after coming a few years, once prepare deploy of will chemical loop,arrive when wind cable industry when next generation fan, mature circular economy is already complete be in order. Policy constitutor, stage   is before the trend in this one process, superintend and policy intervention is very serious also. Strict with each passing day litter regulation, if develop synchronism to undertake with the technology, can arouse new commercial pattern, and drive innovates. Manufacturing industry is pressing need is new-style can circulate technology, of the government relevant encouraging move will be to build feasible plastic etc material the key of circular economy. As can reclaim and the remarkable development of circular technology, when is the way that reduces manufacturing industry litter also awaited than holding the post of before more clear. However, compose builds a future that can last more to need to put into practice. Wind cable industry, laying a foundation to eliminate the litter of catenary of value of whole manufacturing industry, bud phase develops Dan Congmeng to be able to last truly industry, in still needing more industry leaders to participate in its. In manufacturing industry, the times that open can last more will need the support of every trade that counts composite material; If we can reach consensus in each domains, can make a stability successfully so can reclaim material economy. Beyond question, circular economy is to want an end, we need to advance the progress of this respect as soon as possible. As clean 0 draw near what discharge a target increasingly, wind energy industry will grow flourishingly further, bring clear and visible opportunity for more extensive manufacturing industry, make a related side collective drive innovates, make new-style circulation market. This kind of harmonious and consistent pattern is crucial, adopt this kind of method, can circulate material can do business, circular method matures gradually, beautiful practice is able to share publicly, get true measure of the government supports. The collaboration that dimensions changes is to ensure manufacturing industry leads to the only way that can not come continuously more. (article / Lisa Ekstrand)

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