The lamina that in Spain Nawala builds industrial dimensions reclaims factory, aim to add up to component of lamina of wind- driven dynamo to consider its recycle to realize transition of the sources of energy through answering recover. Like where manage retires fan, what making wind report trade is new ” of final examination of round of “ .

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Iberdrola (Ba E of Spanish Bi Er) the subsidiary FCC Ámbito that passes plan of its PERSEO Venture Builder and FCC Servicios Medio Ambiente (Madrid) rolled out EnergyLOOP, in order to lead wind- driven dynamo but of component of second birth installation reclaim, it is allegedly among them one of this trades are large in long-term challenge. This proposal still will conduce to transition of the sources of energy promoting circular economy. The target first will be to reclaim —— of component of lamina of wind- driven dynamo basically is glass and carbon fiber, and the recycle that colophony —— and they wait for a domain in the sources of energy, aerospace, car, spin, chemical industry and building. According to estimation, to 2030, europe will be demolished every year about 5, turbine of 700 typhoons force, these wind- driven dynamoes come from the new power supply of wind electric field or the establishment that reach service life. When fan retires, if the problem of where manage lamina makes all the time,industry has a headache. Because make the composite material of blade reclaim very hard,this is use, this means a lot of lamina to be able to be filled simply to bury when service life ends. Increase as what wind- driven dynamo uses an amount, fan flotsam handles a problem to will become more pressing. According to estimation, to 2030 Europe will demolish generator of power of about 5700 typhoons every year. For this, new company plan pulls the south to build Spanish home lamina to reclaim in Spanish accept tile factory, the wind electric field that stands by this country to precede and other the area that has rich wind electric field. This project got accept tile draws governmental support, make the plant of dimensions of European home industry according to reportorial general. EnergyLOOP plans to invest about 10 million euro on this establishment. This project will devote oneself to to achieve the different level that lamina of wind- driven turbine circulates, include the site pretreatment and adjust, trash carriage content flows, reclaim technology and reclaim the sale of the product. Here setting falls, energyLOOP will pass invest in integrated lamina reclaims solution, make contribution to be transformation of wind energy industry real circular economy. This plan is returned will reclaim newly through consider and be being carried out the technology will raise its competition ability and but durative, this will make draw more and more waste material and use more and more effective solution to become a possibility. The proposal that sponsors by Iberdrola and FCC Ámbito got Siemens Gamesa (Spanish Zamudio) support, this project will produce crucial effect in this project, because this company operation is worn Spain the wind electric field of 53% . In the meantime, energyLOOP still will be sought for but the other component of second birth establishment (like cell panel of solar energy smooth hot season or batteries) development reclaims solution, in order to satisfy the requirement of these markets. Wind cable technology and industrial traceable Denmark, in Western Europe development expands, wait for the international wind report that is a delegate to rectify aircraft manufacturer tycoon to take the lead in retiring to fan lamina with Sa of beauty of Danish dimension Si Dasi, Xi Menzi song, GE the problem provides understanding definitely plan, had begun preliminary form competitive state. In January 2020, weisidasi alleges, “ will be produced before 2040 ” of 0 useless fan. Weisidasi expresses, “ 0 useless ” are to point to be produced through what bear the blame and use up (include to reclaim, recycle and recover from an illness) will protect material and resource, need to break fan lamina into pieces no longer undertake cremate or fill bury. After a year, beautiful Sa of Xi Menzi song announced similar acceptance, to 2030 blade implementation can reclaim completely, to 2040 group of sale wind electric machinery comes true 100% can reclaim. In September 2021, beautiful Sa of Xi Menzi song expresses to already rolled out the lamina of wind- driven turbine that can reclaim, this company claims its roll out can reclaim blade “Recyclable Blades” will be use of last the business on usable Yu Hai can reclaim lamina of wind- driven turbine, predict to began to commercialize operation 2023. This year in March, by GE but LM also rolled out the manufacturer of wind report lamina that department of second birth energy buys the 100% fan lamina that can reclaim, already installed archetypal machine checks to go up in. According to the plan, company of LM wind phone will begin test of life of structure of this lamina full measure in December this year, the iteration test and verify that will undertake blade reclaims works. Association of European wind energy (WindEurope) banquet apparitor Giles Dickson expresses, wind energy industry is recovering with chemical industry and joint development of composite material industry the technology of blade trash, but predict to 2030 ability realizes large-scale deploy.

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