Fulfil to carry out " republican countryman economy and society develop the 14th 5 years to plan to mix 2035 compendium of distant view target " the deploy demand that makes standard system about perfecting intelligence, strengthen intelligence to make standardization job carry a design on the head, recently, organization of committee of industry and informatization ministry, standardization management wove " system of intelligent production standard builds a guideline (2021 edition) " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) reach " the work out explains " , fair show date of expiration to be on August 5, 2021. Ask for opinion draft to point out, to 2023, make edit 100 above standard, occupation standard, perfect advanced and applicable intelligence to make standard system ceaselessly. Accelerate make man-machine coordination system, tooling, examine detect the intelligent equipment standard such as equipment, intelligent plant design, compositive optimize wait for intelligent factory standard, supply catenary to cooperate with, supply catenary to evaluate wait for wisdom to supply catenary level, the network is made in coordination wait for intelligence to serve a standard, the intelligence such as digital twin, artificial intelligence application is endowed with can technical standard, the industrial network standard such as industrial network confluence, the intelligence that prop up makes development stride new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. As we have learned, this second edit the effective demand in basically considering our country manufacturing industry to upgrade in transition, fulfil " republican countryman economy and society develop the 14th 5 years to plan to mix 2035 compendium of distant view target " working deploy, around stimulative property basis advanced change, industrial catenary is modern, reflect digital transition, intelligence to upgrade, the content such as shirt-sleeve innovation, the confluence that strengthens the new technology such as catenary of digital twin, 5G, area piece applies, directive fractionize industry begins intelligence to make development of industry application standard and standard system construction, 3 years production development of our country intelligence needs contented future. Ask for opinion draft to make clear, industry application standard basically includes information of traffic of shipping and marine engineering equipment, building materials, petro-chemical, spin, steely, orbit, aerospace, car, nonferrous metal, electron, electric power 12 parts such as equipment etc. Standard of play foundation general character and crucial technology standard are made in occupation standard coach mediumly and support action, pay attention to the harmonious form a complete set between occupation standard and standard, combine industry characteristic, the key establishs standard, regulations and guideline kind applied standard, be advanced further or perfect industry intelligence to make standard system. In the meantime, in the light of domain of fractionize of building materials industry difference of much, craft is apparent wait for a characteristic, wait for a domain around material of body of cement, glass, pottery and porcelain, fibre glass, concrete, tile, wall, mine, make plant design, craft emulate, quality canal accuses, the intelligent factory standard such as storage management or regulations standard; Make the check of equipment make one's rounds that is based on 5G, blemish that is based on artificial intelligence detect, the supply that is based on industrial cloud catenary cooperates with, equipment carries remotely the guideline standard such as dimension. In recent years, our country intelligence makes development present good state. Supply ability promotes ceaselessly, contented rate exceeds market of intelligent production equipment 50% , advocate the systematic solution supplier that business Wu income exceeds 1 billion yuan amounts to more than 40. Promotion application effect is apparent, efficiency of production of pilot demonstrative project rises on average 45% , product development cycle shortens on average 35% , the product is undesirable article rate is average reduce 35% , emerge in large numbers gives disperse intelligence to make, flow intelligence is made, the network is made in coordination, large-scale individuation carries custom-builtly, remotely the condition of new pattern new job such as thought service. To working next, " the work out explains " point out, will strengthen application of announce be linked together, produce the organization of technology of overall group, standardization, association, effect such as alliance adequately, the Xuan Guanpei that make lecture class, adopt a line to go up to combine means to begin construction guide and stress level to unscramble the job with the photograph below the line, thorough explanation intelligence makes the train of thought that standard system builds, action of guidance of aggrandizement standard system. In the meantime, accelerate standard development, bring intelligence into play adequately to produce chain of industrial modes of life and relation to their environment each force, whole set is begun into the system and of occupation standard make, the key begins industrial earnestly to require standard development, the construction that urges platform of standard experiment test and verify and perfect, be a standard make offer the technology is propped up and ensure. In addition, strengthen the communication with international Organization for Standardization and cooperation, submit international standard proposal actively, encourage more advanced technique and innovation achievement to make international standard. Intelligence of the heart in deepening is made / industry the mechanism such as 4 standardization working group, promotion of stimulative standard development, industrialization, talent fosters the communication that waits for a respect and collaboration.

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