The organization developed Party branch of department of industry of raw material of industry letter ministry recently branch activity, the serious talk spirit that development study comprehends Xi Jinping's secretary-general to amount to peak, carbon to counteract about carbon, carbon of industry of delibrate raw material reduces an executive way, drive key industry to be during 945 ” of “ take the lead in realizing carbon to amount to a peak, stimulative industry accelerates high quality to develop. Wang Jiangping of the member that be versed in the leading Party group that believe a ministry is become, undersecretary is studying the demand on the activity, raw material industry should strengthen design carrying a layer on the head further, make good system plan, anchor decides “ ” of two great node, wait for key industry around chemical industry of steely, petrifaction, nonferrous metal, building materials, strengthen each force to plan as a whole, form working resultant force, with “ 945 ” plan to had been done join, science makes the Da Feng that decide carbon implement plan, make clear measure, method and time node requirement, strive to take the lead in carbolic Da Feng, take the lead in carbon is counteracted, for carbon of our country comprehensive implementation Da Feng, carbon is counteracted make due contribution. Wang Jiangping emphasizes, raw material industry is the key domain that carbon discharges, industry carbon discharge capacity occupies whole society carbon to discharge larger proportion. Early days, the industry lead plan such as iron and steel, the bibcock enterprise such as Bao Wu is answered quickly, in stimulative industry low carbon green developed respect exploration to give a few good experience and way, research and development laid in technology of a batch of energy-saving keys that decrease a platoon, obtained initial effect. Next, should continue to serve as actively, take on responsible, research and development of technology of aggrandizement low carbon and promotion apply, solid had done relevant work.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City